Call Center: A Friend Just A Call Away

With the outbreak of COVID-19 coupled with a reduction in face-to-face interactions, call centers have gained an immense amount of importance. Calls from customers have shown a steep rise during the pandemic. Let’s elucidate on the motive and ingredients of a call center. 

What is a Call Center? 

kuttekeskus is a department or a business that welcomes inbound and outbound calls. They have become a renowned way of serving customers specifically with automated prompts called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems on calls wherein a person is asked to press 0 for this, 2 for that, etc. They were designed initially to handle voice calls being made out of or coming in the centers.

Call Center: Structure and Functions of the Team 

Call centers are designed with respect to the key functions of a responsive and well-organized team. Hence having an effective Call Center team is very crucial. Hereafter explained briefly are the usual functions performed by the team members of a kuttekeskus:

  • Contact Center Team Leader:

Required to handle escalations from agents that they were unable to solve themselves. 

  • Contact Center Agent:

Doing outbound calls or answering calls coming from the customers. 

  • Quality Management Team:

Preparing scorecards, monitoring every interaction, recommending corrective actions and agent training, etc. 

  • Contact Center Manager: 

Responsible for the contact center’s overall management. 

  • Management Information System Team:

 Responsible for preparing performance reports (Daily, monthly, and yearly), call volume reports, dashboards, etc. 

  • Workforce Management Lead: 

Preparing holidays and leave bookings, staff schedules, etc. 

“Be loud; thousands of them are there to help you out. “ Thousands of companies over the world put their faith today in an operational call center to answer calls from their customers or to tell them to make profits. It is a responsive system that must be tried to interact effectively.