How To Add The Bio To Your Account?

Instagram is the best social networking platform that people on a large scale use. Opening an account on Instagram is an easy task for a person. He just has to add the basic information as a result of which account is created.

If a person prefers to add a bio or link in the profile, then he has to go9 through a proper procedure that is relatively easy for a person to0 follow. So now we will discuss about the complete procedure:

  • First of all, a person has to click on the profile photo.
  • Then on the screen, some option will appear, then just click on the edit profile option. This will show you with a new option name about. Just click on this option.
  • Now you will get a platform where you have to enter about yourself. While entering your introduction, make sure that you keep in mind that you can add upto 150 characters, so accordingly make it informative and attractive in the starting only.
  • If you wish to give a URL, you can also look at it in this column only.
  • Now just click on the ok button.

Once you have done the steps as mentioned above, then it should be clear in your mind that you have entered all the details that you wish to add regarding you.

Instagram is a platform that is not just popular among the young generation people but also the old people as its operation is relatively easy, so people of all age groups are using it at a high-speed rate. There is a various platform on which you can get the best bio for instagram for girlsOut of the various options, you can select the one that you think will be most appropriate as per the post you are posting on the account.