Classes – Social Media Made Simple

If a potential employer searched for you online what would they find? Would it help you get a job, or hurt your chances? Whether you plan to use social media to find a job from square one or are already somewhere in the recruiting process, this class will guide you to becoming the most noticeable (for the right reasons) and hireable candidate.

Do you have a business and feel less than social at the moment? Social Media Basics is probably a great place to start. We know it can be tough to keep on the latest or even, just get started. This course will help you get your social media efforts on track. You will leave the class with populated profiles, tools for maintaining your online presence, a better understanding of what makes up the social media eco-system, and a handle what truly matters in terms of driving traffic and sales. Your homework is working on your business!

Explore the latest and the greatest tools in social media to increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and sales! We’ll guide you through creating a customer profile, the basics of authoring content for a social web, and how to go about building a vibrant online community. You will leave with real tools to apply to your retail business as well as systems and strategies for tracking success.

Learn To Write For The Social Media Frontier Authoring for a social and search engine driven world requires a knowledge of how the system works and dedication to the details. You can drive traffic with just the right placement of words! Whether you’re looking to publish your own blog, drive traffic to your own site or company site, or just improve the quality and accessibility of your online content, a course in Social Authoring is just what the doctor ordered!

Social Media Basics is a required prerequisite for this course so get ready to talk about advanced SEO topics, the latest tools for dealing with multiple accounts, and even how to move your way around Google Analytics. If you understand the basics of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, this is the next step. Here you will master the networks your competitors most likely leave out in their social media strategies. Think Yelp, Foursquare, Quora, and even email campaigns.

When it comes to campaigns, the most important way to do so is to develop a new strategy and start gaining followers on various platforms through good content that you can learn more about through while Quora is simply to share your subjective opinion of such ventures base on preference.