Increased Writing Resources on the Web will Help Bloggers

In our multimedia world, you might be surprised to find that there has been a revival of the art of writing. The popularity of blogging, the next generation from e-mail and chat rooms, is allowing an increase in self-expression via our computer keyboards.

Historically driven by message boards, chat rooms and email, the Internet has been changed by blogging. Web development innovation, computer technology and high-speed broadband have made the Internet more user friendly giving the consumer more impact on media.

Keeping an online journal or web log, shortened to blog has experiencing a massive rise in popularity. In the modern global community, many people are separated by distance, from their friends and family. Blogging is one way for families to stay in contact with each other allowing nearly instant gratification. No more waiting for letters to arrive via the postal system or expensive long distance phone calls.

A recent study released by Universal McCann

( reveals a huge increase in all forms of “Social Media”. Video clips, the fastest growing venue, show a 52% increase in the last two years. For cutting the expenses, buy instagram followers for cheap rates from reputed sites. The engagement of the customers will be increased at the website to deliver the profits. The revenue of the firm has been increased with the online promotion of the brands. 

Among the participants in the study, 57% have joined a social network. Social networking is now the top platform for creating and sharing content. Fifty five percent have uploaded photos to share and 22% have uploaded videos for sharing. A high percentage of them have installed applications for social networking and for blogging.

Blogs are being actively read too. Fifty seven percent of participants had read blogs. An estimated 321 million people visit and read blogs. 307 million people visit social networking sites Approximately 34% of bloggers post opinions about brand name products on their blogs. Companies, cashing in on the blog phenomenon, have created blogs on their company sites.

High traffic to commercial and personal blogs makes the need to express oneself more clearly and accurately more of a necessity than private journaling. Blogging’s impact on how and what we read, makes increased writing ability imperative.

Blogging is a community activity and much of the content is multimedia, making the quality of the written text portion of blogs more important. A picture is worth 1000 words, but how do we create 1000 words into a mental picture?

Traditionally, people depend on the grammar they learn in school. But when we are no longer under the influence of our English teachers, we tend to write and type to please ourselves. If we go on to college or university, we are likely to be introduced to The Elements of Style. William Strunk Jr wrote the most well known reference in 1918.

Language is an ever growing and evolving entity and 1918 is a long time to go without changing the rules. The modern Global Community will require less antiquated online sources of education in basic writing skills, in order to avoid communication problems caused by inaccurate translations.