Piloto: A Combination of Yoga and Pilates

Has stress taken control of your life? Have you considered taking Yoga burn 12 week challenge? Or do you want to get back into Yoga, but you don’t know how? Or maybe you’re an experienced Yoga practitioner that is looking for a Yoga body. If so, I have a few important tips that I would like to share with you.

I recently re-introduced myself to Yoga. Over the past few years, I had been submersed into a job that didn’t allow me to have a moment to myself. Stress was taking control of my life, but I didn’t think that I had a choice but to continue working in this environment. Unfortunately, the job began taking a toll on my health and I knew that I needed to do something if I didn’t want to have a heart attack by the age of thirty. I remembered having heart palpitations during the day because of stress. All of my co-workers seemed to be running at the same pace, but no one seemed to care or know what to do about it.

I finally made a decision to take some time off work to find myself and make myself health and happy – body and soul. I friend suggested that I take a Yoga class. So I decided re-introduced myself to the healing powers of Yoga in the search for finding myself and to relieve stress. So I decided to take an Intro to Yoga class to begin with. After my first class, I remembered its’ relaxation, stretching and strengthening qualities that it brought to my life. So I soon progressed into the intermediate class and then a more advanced class. The combination of different postures can be made to get relaxation and stress free life. A visit at the jewels healing garden will be beneficial for the person. The yoga will reduce the stress and anxiety from the life of the person.

The changes came slowly, less stress in my neck; more strength in my lower back, throughout my body; a new outlook and focus on life; feeling of accomplishment; relaxation; more happiness; little things that used upset me didn’t seem to matter anymore! Etc., etc.

Here are a few tips that I would suggest before take a Yoga class. I would first recommend finding a Yoga instructor that you really like. This is very important! If you enjoy the sound of the instructor’s voice as well as the style of her Yoga methods and poses, you will enjoy the class and continue to go. The tone and the instructor’s verbiage is very important. My instructor uses phrases that I enjoy such as ‘using your breath as honey running down your spine while letting your breath nourish your body’. Thus giving me a warm comfortable feeling of relaxation throughout the body. She also talks about seeing and feeling light and color through the Fontanel, which was your soft spot as an infant. It’s pretty magical! When she talked about receiving light through the Fontanel, I remember experiencing illumination! I experimented with different instructors before choosing the instructor(s) whose classes I attend religiously. You should feel calm around your instructor and in your class, not agitated! For example, one of the instructors that I didn’t like – would get up constantly from her poses and would walk around the room – making me feel anxious and not fully relaxed

Breathing is also very important. Learn to breathe deeply in and out through the nose, allowing your body to relax and to release tension in the area that you are stretching.

Getting to class on time is also important as well as taking your time in getting there. I have experienced getting to class late and remember being in a hurry and getting so stressed out, that I lost the benefits of the beginning of the class. The first moments of the class are very important for relaxation of the mind, letting go of all outside clutter. Yoga is all about relaxation and letting go all of life’s little stresses! So leave work or home a few minutes earlier.

Have you seen those people with perfect bodies, muscles contoured in the right areas? Or a person that is so limber that you don’t know how they could possibly twist in a pretzel that way? I recently read an article about the benefits of Yoga in a popular fashion magazine and how the writer wanted a ‘Yoga body’. I quickly realized that after going to class after class, that what this writer had written was true – in that Yoga provides strength and flexibility but doesn’t give a person the ‘Yoga body’ desired. But I was determined to find out how to obtain this ‘Yoga Body’. So I decided to do some research to find out other methods in becoming fit but continuing Yoga to strengthen and relax at the same time. In my search, I found that I needed to take other classes that gave me the toning and cardio aspects that I needed. I decided to take a Pilates class, Yoga Ball, and then I discovered Piloga – which is wonderful! Piloto is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. Thus giving the body all the benefits of Yoga, but the toning qualities of Pilates at the same time! How great is that! I’ve also been taking some Ab classes that strengthen my stomach muscles as well as giving me the six-pack that I desire. The ‘Heated Yoga’ or Power Yoga is great as well! It is more advanced than the typical Yoga class. The difference is, the poses flow from one to the other without a break as well as the heat factor that makes the body relax even more! It’s wonderful! And I’ve found that the more you go to Yoga, the better you feel!

You may say, ‘Yoga classes are too expensive!’ And yes, this is true. But I looked into classes that my gym provided and found some great classes. Classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Piloga, Yoga Ball, Ab classes, etc. All I have to do is pay the monthly fee instead of paying for just the Yoga classes. So, there’s no excuse!

There are also other things that contribute to a healthy body such as: eating a healthy diet, drinking milk, drinking a lot of water (8-10 glasses a day), getting enough sleep, and exercising are also important factors to this experience! Eating more servings of fruits and vegetables every day as well as drinking milk has been proven to keep a woman’s waist thin as well as speed up the metabolism. The combination of calcium and protein has also been proven to speed up metabolism. If you are a Vegan, eating tofu and soy products for dairy products – and you may have the same results. And if you don’t have time to eat 8-12 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, use your juicer! You can make a lot of different wonderful tasting juices while adding vitamins!

So, if you are in the process of finding yourself like I was or just wanting to relieve the stress in your life, you may actually find a better you! Or you maybe you are wanting to progress in your Yoga experience in finding a Yoga body. I found things that made me a better person – but the decision of doing these things was up to me. And they are up to you as well! So what are you going to do? Go out there and change your life. It’s not impossible. Stop stressing and worrying about things that you cannot control and take control of your life. I heard an Eastern Indian Proverb that my Yoga instructor shared with my class a few weeks ago. It says that ‘When you worry, you pray for something bad to occur’. The little things that you incorporate in your life will change a big part of your life. Try taking a Yoga class. And if you want a ‘Yoga body’ you can achieve that body by adding other toning exercises to your repertoire. Eat healthier Oh, and one more thing, take some time for you, just you. Take the time to enjoy the colors of a rainbow, and what it smells like after the rain; the birds singing in the morning, and take the time to read a good book that will enhance your knowledge of something that you’ve been wanted to learn about. Learn about the love of God. And most of all, love yourself. It’s that easy! Making sure that you run your life instead of letting it run you, will help you become a happier and more fulfilled person! It’s all about making you the best person that you can be! Life’s too short to let it all pass by without receiving all of the benefits that it has to offer.