MP3 Players Review

Companies are coming out with new and exciting products every day. When you go and buy an MP3 player and you think it’s so awesome and cool, the next day these companies are already coming out with something new and better. Now, they even have cell phones that come with MP3 players built-in. So, should you get a cell phone with a built-in MP3 player or just a regular MP3 player? Then you would have to decide if you want it to play video, or just music that you can download from for free; take pictures or play games. So many decisions, it’s so hard to choose what’s best. That’s why I’m going to tell you what MP3 players are the best and the ones that have the best features.

The new Apple iPod Nano has better features than the older one. Such as all the different color varieties; there are nine color choices to choose from, how amazing is that? Another new feature is the song shuffle, to shuffle to a different song, just shake your iPod, you’ll get a new song each time. Something else that is great about this new Nano is that you can watch movies, television shows, and music videos with a 2-inch widescreen display. There are also games that are specially made for the Nano, you can also buy more games through iTunes, now that’s pretty cool. You can also view your photos by turning the iPod upright or on the side. I believe this is a great MP3 player, because of all the awesome new features and the price isn’t that bad either. You can get all of this for around $150, now that’s a great deal!

Microsoft Zune starting at just $100 up to $250, is also a great deal. The most expensive Zune will hold up to 30,000 songs or 25,000 pictures. But its much more expensive than the iPod Nano. Other great benefits to owning a Zune is the big screen, wow that thing is huge! You can watch crystal clear videos and view your photos with ease using this MP3 player, that’s for sure. The cheaper Zunes have great color choices, but when you get into the higher priced ones- the colors are limited. That’s another disadvantage. Personalization is key when designing your Zune, you can engrave text and exclusive design on the back of your Zune in your favorite color; or you can design your own and have it engraved- that’s an awesome feature. The new Zunes also come with a variety of free games that are extremely fun. The Zune is also a great MP3 player, it has all these new features. But the price could be a factor in deciding whether or not to get it.

Overall, both of these MP3 players are great. But, my choice would be to get the iPod Nano- mostly because it’s cheaper. On the other hand, if you want a larger screen and your willing to pay more money for it, then you should probably go with the Zune. Both of these are great deals no matter what. All the new features that companies are coming out with are amazing. I don’t know how they can make MP3 players any better than they already are, except, maybe making them more affordable. Anyways, whatever your choice maybe, I know you will love either the iPod Nano or the Zune.