Natural Cleaning Products That Are Effective And Inexpensive

Few people realize exactly how many harmful chemicals and toxins reside under their kitchen and bathroom sinks. One of the best things a person can do for his or her health, family and environment, is to make the easy switch from standard cleaning products, to all-natural ones. In my three years as a part-time housekeeper, I have made a point of using only natural, nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products. A few have out-shined the rest and become my tireless standbys.

My all-time favorite all-purpose cleaner is CitraSolv. This concentrated liquid cleaner comes in orange or lavender bergamot scents. I always use the orange, myself, and my clients have come to associate the fresh orange scent with the relief and comfort of walking into a clean house. This multitasker cuts hard grease when diluted in a 1:4 ratio with water in a spray bottle, and it’s perfect for delicate hardwood and bamboo floors when 1 oz. is combined in a half-gallon of warm water. Honestly, if you’re looking for a do-anything product, this is the closest I’ve found. I wouldn’t recommend it for windows, though, as it’s an oil-based cleaner. It can, however, be used as a laundry additive for stains or simply for its extra cleaning power. Citra Solv can be found in most natural foods stores. It can also be purchased at $19.00 for 32 oz. at The lavender bergamot scent, along with a variety of other Citra Solv products, can be purchased at The cleaning of the house products will not be expensive for the person. The services will be offered through платен домоуправител to offer complete satisfaction to the house owner. The stains and dirt from the products will be cleaned thoroughly.

For tile floors, kitchen counters, and walls that aren’t horrifically soiled, Meyer’s Clean Day all-purpose cleaners work perfectly. It’s less expensive than the Citra Solv, and so if the task is more routine than heavy-duty, I prefer this product. It comes in five scents, including a fragrance-free version, and can be purchased at most natural foods stores. At, a 32 oz. bottle costs $7.99.

I’ve found two products that never fail as the tricky business of effectively cleaning showers. Method’s Tub  amp; Tile spray, along with a good scrubby pad, will remove hard water, soap scum, and mildew like a champ. Its eucalyptus mint scent smells lovely and doesn’t burn your eyes or skin the way most shower cleaners do. For daily maintenance, to make the scrubbing easier, I always use Method’s Daily Shower spray in ylang ylang scent. This is used daily after showering to prevent the buildup of gunk on your shower walls and fixtures. I even spray it on my shower curtain to break up mildew. This product has an eco-friendly refill for its spray bottle, as well. Method products can be found at Target stores. They can also be purchased at, for $5.00 for the Tub  amp; Tile cleaner, and $4.00 for the Daily Shower spray.

Toilet bowl cleaners can be harsh, both on the environment, and on your septic tank. A septic-friendly, 100% biodegradable toilet cleaner that I love is Descale-it. There are no harsh fumes to burn your eyes, and it’s quite inexpensive. It can be purchased at, or at , where a four-pack of 16 oz. bottles is $19.40.

Finally, I keep a variety of regular household food ingredients on hand, which when used alone or in combination, form amazingly effective and completely natural cleaning products. White distilled vinegar can be purchased by the gallon from bulk stores. This stuff is perfect for cleaning glass, because it leaves absolutely no streaks. It also is antimicrobial, and can be added to Citra Solv for cleaning floors, if you want to kill some extra germs. When combined with baking soda, a foaming cleaner is created, that is perfect for rust- or hard-water stained sinks. Remember to wipe with a wet cloth if you’re using vinegar to clean metal, as it can be corrosive in the long run.

Baking soda alone acts as a mild abrasive, as does plain table salt. Use these with a wet cloth for cleaning stove tops or sinks. Rinse with water afterward for some very shiny surfaces. Salt and lemon juice in combination form a powerful antimicrobial. They can be mixed and dissolved in a spray bottle, or simply sprinkled onto a surface. I use lemon juice and salt to clean cutting boards. Simply sprinkle on the salt, pour on a little lemon juice, and rub in with your fingers or a cloth. Allow it to sit for at least ten minutes, then rinse with hot water or wipe with a wet cloth until all the salt grains are gone. This is much safer than using bleach, and definitely removes any odors left by onions or garlic.

My secret weapon, I have to admit, is grapefruit seed extract, which is also sold as “GSE”. It can be found in the dietary supplements section of most natural foods stores. A few drops of GSE can be added to your bottle of Citra Solv, or to a spray bottle filled with one part vinegar and four parts water. It is a powerful degreaser, and can also be used to remove limescale and hard water stains from fixtures. When you descale your coffee pot, use one cup of vinegar and ½ teaspoon of GSE diluted with three cups of hot water.