Deer Hunting Tips on How to Field Clean and Dress a Deer

Deer hunting has become increasingly more popular everyday. Deer hunting offers a special adventure that other sport can’t offer to its participants. The whole deer hunting experience is very unique and can be both relaxing and energizing all at once. In this deer hunting tips in this article you will learn how to properly field dress a deer whether it is a buck, doe, or spike.

After the Killing Shot

You have finally made it out deer hunting and met face to face with the deer and you made the perfect shot. You loosed the arrow and made the perfect double lung shot. This is the shot you had hoped you would make. You patiently and quietly wait for a few minutes and the deer finally crumbles to the ground. You knock another arrow just in case he isn’t totally dead. You get there and he is dead. Now you have finally had the ultimate deer hunting experience. After you have confirmed the kill the real work of deer hunting begins. And the real work of deer hunting is the cleaning and dressing of the deer for processing.

Bleeding Out the Deer

When you search for deer hunting tips there isn’t too much out there when it comes to bleeding. One thing though that you should keep in the back of your mind is that once the deer has been killed its blood will stop flowing because the heart has stopped so there is no need to cut its throat.

If for some reason the blood doesn’t stop pumping all you need to do is hang the deer upside down. Then find the lowest point of the deer and make a cut which will cause the blood to draw out. You can also field dress and clean the deer then set the meat in a ice cooler for a few days. This should be more than enough time for the blood to draw out. This is the preferred method because it will help keep the cape intact and it will also allow the meat to age adding a great deal of flavor. The hunting of the animals and birds will be excellent through the best night vision monoculars. The method can be adopted through the person to kill the prey with excellence.

Field Dressing Your Deer

If you plan on field dressing your own deer after you go deer hunting be sure and have a sharp knife handy such as a Wyoming knife or a field butcher kit. These are just two things you should have when you go deer hunting just so you know. This isn’t a race so you take your time so it is done properly and avoid any serious accidents.

Now let’s take a look at some deer hunting tips when it comes to field dressing your deer after you have gone deer hunting so you will do it properly.

Place the deer on its back allowing you access to its belly. Start your cut just above the genital area making your way to the rib cage. You don’t need to go very deep with your cut so a shallow cut will work great so you don’t puncture any internal organs. Be very careful in the removal of the stomach and intestines. The waste from them can taint the meat and cause it to be poisoned. If you intend to save the cape keep your cut at the sternum and no higher. Next you will need to turn the deer to the side so the internal organs can freely fall out of the stomach cavity. You will need to cut loose the fat and intestines. Carefully remove the bladder by puling it tight and cutting it loose being careful not to rupture it. Hanging the deer will make this a lot easier because you can cut through the sternum splitting it in half and the internal organs can be pulled free and they will fall right out. After you remove the heart the rest will come out right after.

Be sure you clean the body thoroughly with fresh cold water and then take it home as soon as possible. Always stop to report your kill after you have gone deer hunting if you are required to do so by law. Although most states require you to tag your kill after you go deer hunting so there usually is no particular reason to stop at a check station.

Skinning Your Deer While Deer Hunting

Generally there are only two ways of skinning a deer while out deer hunting. When your done deer hunting you can hang your deer either with its head up or its head down the choice is really a matter of preference. First you are going to need to make a complete and solid cut around the neck. Then you will need to get a firm grip on the hide and start pulling down and away from the carcass. Use both hands being careful not to tear or ruin the hide. If the plan is to save the cape for mounting, remove the hide from both the middle and rear of the carcass just to the rear of the shoulder. Once this is done you will need to cut off the front legs just above the knees and cut just inside the leg following up to the last cut. To take out the deer’s tail just cut through its tailbone just below the skin and pull it free.

Deer Hunting Tips Aimed at How to Keep Venison

After you have gone through all the processes associated with deer hunting you’ll probably feel extremely drained of all your energy. Relax you can wait until the next day to do the butchering. Remember you have just had a long couple days of deer hunting.

Your entire deer hunting journey includes many stages. They range from the start of deer hunting which begins before the season starts and continues until the deer hunting is done and you have butchered and wrapped the meat. Be sure you are well versed on all your helpful deer hunting tips and deer hunting information. The deer hunting experience should be extremely memorable creating something you want to do over and over again.