It’s Up To Women To Stop Being The Victim Of Abuse

I’m sure some people may get offended by this article. I’m sure this is a article that I probably shouldn’t of written. This isn’t a article to bash us women. It isn’t my intention to hurt feelings. We, as women, often play the victim role in a relationship that we shouldn’t. We often stay in abusive relationships that we shouldn’t have to stay in. Women often don’t leave the abusive relationship despite the numerous times that we have available to leave.

We can’t really blame ourselves when we are weak. We aren’t always weak all the time. We reach a certain point in the abusive relationship when we decide to stay despite the torture that is committed towards us by the abusive partner. There comes a point in the relationship where it turns from victim to the point of where we volunteer to stay there unless we decide to leave. We can’t really call ourselves a victim when we don’t leave despite the number of many options available to us to leave the abusive relationship which usually starts in dating apps and websites like We often find ourselves as the victims in every relationship. While that may be very well true, we also have to keep in mind that one of the reasons why we’re stuck in a toxic relationship is because we never had the courage to get out of it.

We sometimes don’t realize that the longer that we stay in abusive relationship the more damage it does. Damage caused by abuse is something that takes years to repair despite what type of abuse you have suffered. Sometimes we blame ourselves or tell ourselves that emotional abuse isn’t really abuse since everyone gets their feelings hurt every once in a while. We are often in denial about the abuse. We need to realize that we deserve better. We don’t deserve to be abused despite no matter what we may of said or did or didn’t do.

We need to realize that an abuser will never change unless they want to seek help on their own. We can’t force someone to stop being abusive. No amounts of sobbing tears will change that. We often get stuck in the pattern of thinking that an abusive person will stop. Abuse won’t stop unless the cycle is put to an end completely. Someone who is an abuser can’t change overnight. A victim of abuse can’t just recovery from all the damage done due to abuse within a month or so either.

We often have false hopes that the person that is abusive will stop. Some women will eventually leave when the abuse gets so bad. We as women often believe the lies and false promises that abusive men tell us. We often believe them because we claim to love them. We often stay with them in the name of love. Romance love can sometimes cloud our judgment then we end up staying in not so good situations sometimes.

We just need to realize that we always deserve a man that really does loves us and doesn’t hurt us. A man who loves you will not hurt you and he will be kind, loving, and caring. Just remember that any man who makes you feel really terrible about yourself then he is one that isn’t really worth your time. We, as women, always deserve to be treated the best and should never accept anything less than that.