How to Make Junk a Treasure

I have to say that I am usually a yard sale type of person; when I see one I usually turn around and check it out. Lately, people want a lot of money for their junk and there are not as many deals as I remember there once were. Also, people are starting to notice how much that old dresser is really worth. Which is why collector and sellers that restore the antique items are now preferring services like philly junk removal to help them in finding unique items that they can use. As the popularity of yard sales is decreasing day after day making it difficult for them to get cheap items for their use. 

Sometimes when you see certain things at a yard sale that is just far more than what your pocketbook can handle but do not want to pay the price you can check with the individuals to see if at the last minutes of that yard sale if they have had a change of price. At times, they may just give you the item if it does not sell.

After the yard sale, you could also check their trash, not literally digging through their trash bags themselves, but that computer desk you may have wanted might be sitting on the curb. There are many times that if it had not been for these situations I would have never been able to sit on any furniture or had a table to eat off of.

Usually, I could see the good in the fact that sometimes just a little paint goes a long way. Growing up I learned how to refinish wood furniture and how to reupholster. It would have to be one of the greatest lessons that I was ever taught. The lessons have allowed me to turn junk into some beautiful works.

Lately, I found two end tables and I was so excited that I could not believe it. I had never had matching end tables. I had stranglers before where one might match one part, but never twin end tables. My husband curled up his nose when he came home to see my newest prized possessions. Yes, I probably could go out and buy them on my own, but there was a time that I never could have begun to imagine having anything that ever matched as I was just relieved I had a couch.

The end tables that I found in the trash had glue globs all over them as well as paint and were so badly stained my husband told me that I should throw them out in our own trash. I was persistent to finally own matching end tables that I started to work on them my next day off.

First, I realized that I had to be careful with them as they were not solid wood but had laminate covering on them. I found my razor blade and began to carefully chip at the solid glue. Once I had it removed I realized that the rest was quite easy and would not really be that big of a deal at all.

My husband was skeptical and still wrinkled his nose at the looks of the tables and repeated, “Trash day is tomorrow.”

My next day off from work I proceeded to take care of the fact that it had stains into the wood and I used the cheapest cleaner that Dollar General has to offer. The cleaner is just that, awesome, as I use it for everything that usually is a stubborn stain. The stains came clean.

Now I had the glue gone and the stains and all I had left to contend with was the paint. I didn’t want to use paint remover unless I absolutely had to use it, as I feared that it would weaken the thin layer of the laminated wood. I started out with again running the razor blade over the top of the table one more time and began to dull the colors of the paint. I then sanded it and before I knew it the lightest grade of sandpaper had been the best option.

I noticed that the tables were immensely thirsty and I knew that they would suck up the stain quickly. I wanted them to be darkly stained so I allowed the stain to float as I placed it quite thickly on the tables. As I wiped off the excess, I had success. After a couple coats of polyurethane, the tables shined brightly and would be very easy to clean.

My husband now had a change of tune and decided that maybe they were not trash after all and he even began to make suggestions of one more coat and he was sure that they would look great. My project continued on my junk tables and before it was over the love and work that I had put into them revealed them to back to the state of they were when they were new.

There are many things that you can do with junk and sometimes, it isn’t even what they originally were in the first place. Sometimes a dresser that is falling apart might not hold clothes, but maybe that unique new bathroom vanity as with a bathroom vanity, the drawers can then become doors with some imagination.

There are many things that even your own junk can become, and before you throw stop to think if you could use it for something else or make it new. It just may save you a lot of money. But before you all start junk hunting, save me some junk too.