The Various Kinds Of Automatic Garage Door Openers

Having a great garage will certainly add a lot of value to your home. In fact, a number of potential buyers will not even look at a property if it has no garage. One part of increasing the appeal of your garage is by installing an automatic garage door opener.

There are many different variations of garage doors that you can get for your garage. In this article, we will discuss some of the different types of garage doors based on their opening and closing mechanisms. Without further ado, let’s start:

Various types of garage door openers

Many garage doors on sale from ipswich qld can be fitted with automated openers. Also known as automatic garage door openers, garage openers generally uses an electric motor to open and close the door. Listed below are some of the most popular door openers.

  1. Screw Drive door opener

This kind of garage door opener runs on the screw system to spin a threaded metal rod, which in turn controls the door closing and opening. This is a popular garage door opener due to the fact that it needs little maintenance compared to the other choices on this list.

  1. Chain Drive door opener

This garage door opener utilizes a chain to open and close the garage door. Chain drive garage door openers are the most common door opener in many households since they are cheap, works well, and very quiet. However, they require you to do periodic maintenance to the chain drive mechanism of the door.

  1. Belt Drive door opener

Belt drive door owners are the quietest automatic door openers on this list, making them preferable if your garage is attached to the main building of your home. Belt drive door openers can be costly compared to the other two mentioned on this list.