General Foods International Instant Coffees Review

Start you day off on the right foot with a hot cup of coffee. General Foods International has a line of instant coffees that come in tins and also in on-the-go pouches. Instant Coffee is quick and easy to prepare so you can enjoy that flavorful cup almost immediately. GFI has been around for quite some time. They began in 1973 with 3 flavors. Swiss Mocha, Cafe au lait and Cafe Vienna. They were a great success as people wanted to be pampered and these coffees offered the indulgence the populace wanted. Since GFI has been in business they have launched numerous flavors and new on the edge novelty drinks.

The instant coffee comes in a small tin that contains about 18 servings. The great thing about this is that you can add as little or as much coffee to your cup so it works to your liking and no one else’s. You also don’t have to make a whole pot of coffee when you are most likely going to only have time for a cup or two. The only work involved in making this perfect cup is adding hot water. How easy is that! If your in a hurry the new on-the-go packs are great. The one small problem with these is that currently there are only 3 flavors available. This will probably change in time as this coffee product catches on.

General Foods International offers a dozen varieties of flavor. They also have a great sampler pack with consumer favorites. The newest flavor on the market is Dark Mayan Chocolate which has a chocolate cinnamon kick. The color is dark and the aroma makes the mouth water. In 2007 GFI introduced 100 calorie packs for those watching their calorie intake. General Foods in not afraid to grow with its consumers. With on the go packs, 100 calorie packs, cappuccinno coolers, sugar free and decaffeinated versions there is something out there for everyone.

The price for this coffee varies store by store. The ranges is from $2.98 to $4.59 for each product. GFI uses tins for the main instant coffee product. These tins are great because they keep your coffee fresh and they can be re-used for so many different things. Its an environmentally friendly way to start off your morning.

A great many flavors can be tried. Cafe Vienna, Swiss Mocha, French Vanilla, Cafe au Lait, Swiss White Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Hazelnut Belgian Cafe are just to name a few. You can see the list of varieties on their website at A list of product information for each one can also be found which is useful for those of us who watch our labels. To enjoy the most of these products, you may also consider the best 5 cup coffee maker 2020.

So grab a tin, make some instant coffee, sit back and relax. Inhale the aroma first then take that first sip. Indulge yourself. Your worth it!