Home Security System and Smart Home Technology – Which Is Better?

The home security system sends alerts about a break-in or disasters like burst water pipe or fire. You can be happier if you integrate a monitoring service that responds to the alert on your behalf and takes action.

If you are into convenience then opt for smart home technology. It includes turning lights on and off, using a voice command or setting timers for appliances. You can turn the AC or heater on when you are on your way home from work to be welcomed by a cool or warm home.

A blend of both is a great idea!

Basic security system components

The majority of Houston home security companies offer starter kits that more or less include the components given below.

A hub

It is the brain of the system, which connects to the router [wired or wireless]. It includes an alarm and keypad [for arming & disarming the system]. Advanced hubs include a cellular radio and battery backup, so alerts can be sent during power outages or Wi-Fi slowdown.

Window or door sensors

Sensors are small attachable devices, which can be positioned on the windows and doors. The sensor has a magnet and steel piece, which when separated breaks the magnetic field sending signals to the hub reporting a break-in.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor detects movement within its perimeter. When you are within the house, arm the system accordingly so that the hub will ignore motion sensor messages. Arm it whenever you leave the house. There is a pet mode, which prevents the trigger of false alarms.

For convenience and automation

  • A remote key fob
  • Vibration sensors for glass breakage
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Water leak sensors
  • Security cameras

The final consideration will be a professional monitoring service!