Best PC Games For Single Players

Playing a solo game in the niche of your interest can take you and your imagination to a whole new world. Such is the power of storytelling that transforms the scope of gaming for ardent players. In the last few years, the rule of single player PC games has dominated the gaming scenario, offering multiple and fresh narratives to the players and distinctive technical designs that seem to catch the attention of every player. 

Over here, you can check out the best single player PC games across different genres. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is a low fantasy game, designed and plotted against a ravaging war and an excellent story. A remarkable feature of the game is its detailed plot and attention to every single character, which makes it a really effective one. Guess it is time to get over the gta 5 usb mod menu


There’s a lot of action going around in the game and for those who take fancy for such games, this is an excellent way to polish your gaming skills. The game has a gripping soundtrack to make things even more compelling and a gameplay that is extremely captivating. 

Resident Evil 2

This survival cum horror game can keep you on the edge, which tells exactly how captivating it can be. It follows an interesting narrative with an equally smart plot that makes the gameplay quite interesting. 


The challenges and obstacles of the game tickle down with the player deeply and keeps him waiting for the next thorough bend in the gameplay. The game demands a great deal of attention but with the kind of graphics and soundtracks that it offers, that is hardly much of a problem for the player. 

Do you have any other game in mind?