Sarah Palin: a Soccer Mom’s Perspective

While I am not one of those hockey moms that Sarah Palin often referred to on the campaign trail in 2008, I am a soccer mom who enjoys staying in touch with what’s happening politically in our country. I am amazed at the attention Sarah Palin is receiving as she travels the country promoting her new book, Going Rogue. I recently heard a radio broadcast in which the host wondered aloud how other moms perceived the former vice-presidential candidate. 

Personally, I must say that I admire her in many ways. Perhaps it stems from the fact that the mainstream media seems to oppose her so strongly and I nearly always have a differing point of view from theirs. During the months since she entered the national political landscape, she has remained true to the principles and values she espouses. She speaks her mind with honesty and frankness, apparently without thought of consequences or potential political fallout. As someone with at least a passing knowledge of some of the current issues our country is facing, I would like to hear more specifics from her on certain issues, including concrete examples of how she would address issues like health care and the conflict in Afghanistan. 


As a mother who knowingly gave birth to a special needs child, I see her as a strong woman who is unwilling to take the easy way out. She accepted the challenges, along with the joys, that she knew she would encounter when rearing such a special individual. No, her family is obviously not perfect, but appears to be rather ordinary in experiencing the ups and downs of life. Yet as a fellow mom, I feel that she understands the desire that we all feel to make our country a place where our children can enjoy the same freedoms and liberties, along with the responsibilities, that we have. 

So many people seem to feel strongly about Sarah Palin, either loudly singing her praises or denouncing her either personally or politically. I find her cheerful personality easy to relate to and quite likable. Somehow she manages to convey the image that she is just like your average American, not placing herself on a political pedestal or feeling endowed with some seemingly higher powers. She doesn’t worship at the altar of the media or seek to pander to her opponents. While she may not always exhibit the best judgment, it is refreshing to see a woman who comes across as being herself, admitting mistakes when necessary and hopefully learning from them along the way.


Are all of her choices ones that I would have made? No; but in pursuing the path that she has chosen, she appears to have handled well all that has been thrown at her as she continues to occupy a prominent place in our current American culture. 

To sum up, soccer is more of a gentleman’s game and for good reason, with numerous players carving out distinct niches for themselves in this level playing field and one who enjoy untold popularity all over the world, so much so that a star no less than Beckham met Al-Khelaifi some time back, where the latter offered him the post of football coach for one of his teams.