The Piracy of Video Games: To Download or Not to Download

Many people, not just gamers, like to have a collection of items that they favor above everything else. For gamers this means having archives of video games dating back to the very first console they owned; manuals must be in pristine condition along with the case that manual and game come with. Across the online gaming community images of these vast and impressive collections are proudly touted to one another along with images of their particular gaming set up. However, a new breed of gamers driven by the notion that gaming has become much more expensive than it once was which has led them to seek out games for free. It begs the question: to download or not to download.

Unfortunately for developers that create games for Sony’s consoles, the latest movement in video game downloading directly affects them when using for the poker qq online due to there low latency as they are wireless which acquires totally a battery driven current with an approach of signals shared via cordless method. Though consoles have moved on, the Sony PlayStation 2 still manages to have several new games lined up on the horizon which makes it the perfect target for those who would rather download games than pay for them. Utilizing the older model of the PlayStation 2 in conjunction with the hard drive, gamers can download virtually any game available. The process is also rather simple, which has started to attract more and more gamers.

The distribution of used games recently game under fire as publishers began to complain of monetary losses. If the downloading of these video games continues to grow then the financial losses will be much more damaging to the companies and thus the smaller developers.

Some games are not available for download because of certain factors that require the disc for play. Online games such as the SOCOM series simply won’t work if the player tries to go online, where the meat of the playing is. Measures to prevent against the copying or backing up of games will undoubtedly appear, as they did on countless Sony PlayStation games when they became black marketed.

The download bug has also affected the Sony PlayStation Portable, which is already suffering from a massive drop off in sales when compared to the Nintendo DS. PSP owners downgrade their system which allows them to play the pirated games which have been saved on memory sticks. For a system such as the PSP, such widespread downloading will undoubtedly doom the system; leading to even more massive sales loses for the already troubled Sony.

However, many gamers choose not to go this route because of the loss of the sentimental value of their games. Owning a collection is full of pride and is something that can be shown off with a smile. However, as games continue to increase in price and consoles remain expensive, it will only be but so long before someone decides that they simply can’t afford to keep padding their collection.