Public School Easter Party Ideas

Easter party fun happens in public schools all across the nation. Typically, the parties involve games, crafts, and treats. When it comes to pulling-off a great classroom party, parent volunteers are vital. And the wise teacher gathers his or her volunteers early for planning, budgeting, and preparation. Easter party fun doesn’t just happen. You need to look at every aspect like rentals, because if you know anything about high end casino party rentals, you wouldn’t want to take this lightly. 

It Takes Planning

Planning involves logistics–deciding whether activities will be indoors or outdoors. It involves knowing who will supervise individual activities and where the funds will come from for prizes, special games, and party festivities. It involves knowing who will decorate the classroom, who will help with contacting parents and making certain that any food that comes into the classroom is safe for students with food allergies, and it involves knowing who can help with cleanup.

It Takes Decorations

Decorations and decorating are time consuming and can be expensive, but a frugal teacher can decorate simply and cheaply with pastel balloons and pastel streamers. Classroom Easter art projects can handle the rest of the decorations. Student can make construction paper egg cutouts that are cover in crumbled dyed eggshell mosaics. The art piece makes a great classroom decoration and a fun art project, and the paper decorations hang nicely from the ceiling or on the wall.

It Takes Independent Activities

Teachers can find many printables free online, including: Easter coloring pages, Easter word searches, puzzle ideas, and cut-outs. Students can each design puzzles from white tag-board, cut them into a designated number of pieces and bag them. During the party, the labeled puzzles can travel from student to student.

A “Happy Easter” acrostic is an idea to use as a filler, or the teacher can have students see who can find the most Easter words using “Happy Easter” as the source. Another independent activity is to have students write a short Easter poem to be shared, or they can illustrate an earlier-written Easter writing assignment.

It Takes Craft Activities

For classroom craft ideas, teachers can draw upon the tried and true crafts: dying Easter eggs, creating Easter basket from construction paper or berry trays, making Easter banners, and Easter scratch art. But for the teacher who wants to branch out from the typical, a papier-mâché bunny or chick piñatas to be filled with candy treats is a creative, but messy alternative.

It Takes Gift Ideas

And for Easter gifts to take home to mom and dad, students can make bookmarks using Easter stencils. Another great arts-and-crafts idea is to make jellybean decorated photo frames that will include a photo of the child taken during the Easter party.

It Takes Treats

Easter parties necessitate food, and decorating Easter cut-out sugar cookies or frosting cupcakes is a fun and finger-licking way to provide students with treats and an activity. Sing-along’s add to the fun. In addition to the typical treats, students can make bird nests out of haystack cookies, jellybeans, and peeps. Alternative less-sweet treats might include foods such as these: cheese and sausage cut-outs using cooking cutters, egg salad sandwiches, and bite-sized fruit, such as strawberries or grapes.

It Takes Party Games

Typical party games that teachers use for a variety of classroom parties are games such as: musical chairs, treasure hunts, and mini-talent shows. But more specific games for an Easter party would be ones such as these: pin the tail on the bunny, Easter egg hunt, rolling eggs with a nose, and an egg relay game that passes the egg from spoon to spoon. An interesting twist to the egg-passing game is when the spoons are held in the mouth and no hands are allowed.

A guessing game that always goes over well at an Easter party is to have students guess the number of jellybeans in the jar on teacher’s desk. You can have students enter their guess anytime throughout the day, but the winner will be chosen at the close of the Easter party. The student who guesses closest to the number of jellybeans in the jar, wins the jar and candy.

It Takes Sensitivity

Here’s an additional Easter idea that will involve a bit of early preparation. The teacher can place a sticker under the chair of a student who needs some encouragement, one who seldom gets honored, or one who doesn’t win too often. This is a great time to honor a special needs student. Then at the end of the day, when students put chairs up on desks, the teacher can direct them to look under their chairs for a sticker. Winner wins a prize.

With these public school Easter party ideas, any classroom teacher and his or her volunteers can put on a fun-filled Easter party for students.