How To Throw A Historical Inaugural Party

With the inauguration of President-elect Barak Obama on January 20, throw your own inaugural party. Rather than using the traditional red, white, and blue decorations, choose your favorite president from the United States and throw a historical inauguration party.

Picking a President

There are 43 presidents you can choose from to choose for a theme for your party. You can find a list of presidents at

Once you have decided which president you want for the theme of your inaugural party, you will need to decide on food, clothing, invitations, time, games, and music to have for this historic event. You will need to make note of the year the chosen president was elected. If you got elected, you must try your luck at Blackjack in Texas. It may sound challenging, but it will be a lot of fun and excitement.

Dinner for the Era of Your President

Do a little history search for foods that were available and/or eaten for this period. We all know turkey is a given for every year there is a president, but after two holidays that had this food staple, turkey may not be the best way to go.

For example, foods that could stand the test of time with every presidency are biscuits, potatoes, corn, corn mush, and bacon. There is also coffee as far as drinks have made it through the years.

Music For the Era of Your President

The music for many of the presidents do not include what most of us think of. Many of the earlier presidents didn’t have the tech-no sound we know today. Very few people had fiddles or violins, guitars, banjos, or even any type of wind instruments to play in the 1800s. So keep that in mind when choosing your music for the term of the president chosen.

Games for the Era for Your President

Remember there weren’t video games until the early 70’s roughly, so using video games for years before that are out. Keep in mind there were adult and children’s games for many eras.

Clothing for the Era of Your President

Have your guests dress in clothing for the period. This can then create a costume ball for your inaugural party you are hosting. If the clothing requires more sewing or purchasing of several pieces of clothing than your guests care to spend, they can rent their costumes from a local costume shop for the evening. Also, they can check local thrift shops for pieces of clothing for the era of your party.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough into choosing a president before the 1920s, don’t do so. You can choose any president from the 1920s to present. Finding any of the pertinent information for a president, food, music, and games of any of these presidencies will be much easier to find in books, magazines, and online.

Just keep your inaugural party fun and light for the evening. Having an inaugural party that is different in your home while watching the inauguration will create a memory for your guests.