Packing Tips for Traveling in a Sports Car

One of life’s little pleasures is driving your convertible sports car on vacation. Imagine cruising with the top down to your favorite seaside restaurant or mountain retreat. However, before you can hit the road, you need to find enough room to stow your gear. This can be quite a challenge, particularly if you have a two-seater.
The size of a sports car, made even smaller by the space required to store the top, significantly limits cargo space. For example, a Mazda Miata has only 5 cu. ft. of luggage room. A standard sedan has two to three times the trunk capacity, and an average SUV has 10 times more space. With stats like these, it’s hardly surprising that overpacking is no longer an option. Here’s some tips for lightening your load, and still having everything you need to enjoy your getaway.

Plan Ahead

Most importantly, you need to recognize you don’t have the luxury to pack everything you want to take. When you’ve accepted your need to downsize, you’ve overcome your biggest obstacle. It’s now time to move on to the details.

If you’re going to be away for a long weekend, take only what you’ll need for those days. A few extra shirts, preferably wrinkle resistant, will increase your wardrobe changes. If your vacation is for a week or longer, find out if your hotel has laundry services. This will reduce any worries you may have of not taking enough clothing.

Take an inventory of your toiletry bag, eliminate duplicate items and switch to smaller containers whenever possible. Better yet, if you replace your current oversized travel bag with a smaller one, you won’t be tempted to include more than you need.

Save room by finding shoes that will perform double duty. With some forethought, you’ll gain some needed space, and you’ll still have footwear for every occasion.

If you’re planning to play sports while on vacation, you’ll need to minimize the equipment you take. For example, I no longer take my tennis bag, but instead, I strategically place a couple of tennis rackets and cans of balls in the trunk.

Make the Most of Available Space

Now that you’ve decided what you need, but before you actually pack, do a trial run to make sure that the käsipagasi kohver you use maximizes your available trunk space. One large bag, instead of two smaller ones, will give you more room, and you may be able to squeeze in a couple of duffel bags for additional storage. Be sure to check under the false floor in the trunk, where you may be able to stuff some smaller items.

Have a Contingency Plan

When you can’t take it with you, how about shipping a box of items directly to your place of lodging? This may be cost-prohibitive, depending on the weight of the shipment, but if you are planning an extended vacation, it may be a practical solution. Renting or buying is another option you should consider. You can discard inexpensive items, such as Styrofoam coolers, at the end of your vacation. Renting sporting equipment at your destination is often the more feasible alternative.

Less is Sometimes Best

Packing your sports car for vacation definitely requires preplanning. Undoubtedly, you’ll have to scale back what you take, but I think you’ll agree buzzing around in your sports car is well worth any compromises. You’ll be surprised that making do with less is much easier than you thought possible. Besides, the less you take, the less you’ll have to unpack when you get home