Prisoner Of War Cheats For Xbox

In today’s guide I will be helping everyone out there who plays the game Prisoner of War by sharing all the cheat codes I know for this game that I got from Situs Slot, it helped in getting the codes that can be implemented in ongoing game easily which brings more interest into the gameplay. These cheat codes will only work for the xbox so make sure you playing this game on that system and when your ready lets begin. This first code will unlock all the chapters within this game. To do this all you have to do is select passwords from the main menu and type in GER1ENG5 and now all the chapters will become unlocked. The second code I want to share is called default chapters. To activate this code simply go to the passwords screen from the main menu window and type in DEFAULTM which will enable this code. Go to the passwords menu and type in ALLTIMES to enable the cheat codes called informed of all events. To be informed of core current events just select passwords from the main menu and enter CORETIMES to enable this cheat to work.

If your looking for a way to unlock all secrets then check out this next cheat code. At the main menu select passwords and enter in FARLEYMYDOG which will activate this code unlocking all the secrets within the game. Wanting to see what first person mode would look like? If you are type in BOSTON at the passwords menu to enable the view of this game to shift to first person mode. Still looking for a different mode then why not try out top down mode. Simply go to the passwords screen from the main menu and type in FOXY and now the tip down mode will be enabled for you to use. Trying to get goodies then why not use this next cheat code to get an unlimited amount of goodies. Enter in the word DINO at the passwords screen to make your character have unlimited goodies never to run out. To activate the cheat known as guard size all you have to do is enter in MUFFIN at the passwords screen located from the main menu and you will have enabled this cheat code.

To activate the guard perception cheat code enter QUINCY into the password screen and now this code will be enabled for your character. The defiance cheat code can be enabled from the passwords menu by typing in Fatty which will activate the defiance cheat code. Finally, the last cheat I have for this game is called game creation date and time. If you want to enable this cheat type in DT from the passwords screen located at the menu screen to enable this cheat code. That’s all the cheats that I know for this game so see you next time