Here Are The Best Operators In Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow six siege is the game played worldwide on Xbox, Playstation, and many other devices. It’s a world-class shooting game. This is a multiplayer game where different characters are shooters with different eligibility and criteria.

Shooters are in two forms- attackers and defenders. There are about 48 characters in total that is needed to be unlocked for the game. Tom Clancy’s game is for the thrill and exhilaration aspect of life.

If you are one of the players or beginning to play the game with RB6 hacks and one of the characters that you have unlocked. You would specifically want to unlock those characters that are more powerful and superior.

So here’s the list of the top 5 shooters in the game:

  • Thatcher

He can be a great attacker in line. To breach any kind of defensive set up is his qualities. Hence, for the attacking team, Thatcher is the best choice. He can bombard with his EMP grenades and enter the zones easily.

  • Echo

Echo is the strongest character to defend the team very efficiently. The main purpose of his existence is his asset that is a drone. The Drone looks the attackers halfway and helps to stop them beforehand.

  • Buck

He is not short of gadgets. He has plenty of them. Breaking ceilings and walk through floors using his devastating efficiency in a swift. His weapons are very useful for the attacker’s team.

  • Ash

Ash is considered the most versatile and deadly player with some amazing skills that make her the best operators. She is also an asset to the attackers with the shots of M120 crem.

  • Smoke

A powerful defender he is. He can block your doors, withstand the bombards and defend against the attackers with his strength and skills.

Apply some RB6 hacks and select the best characters to become more powerful than the other team.