Can You Actually Wear Expired Contacts After Disinfecting Them?

Is it safe to wear expired contacts after disinfecting them? Now, if you ask this question to long-term users, you are mostly likely to receive a mixed response. If you want doctors’ advice on this, there will be a one-word answer “No”. Expired products are clinically not safe, be it a body lotion or coloured contact lenses Sydney. Why? It’s simple- expired contacts are harmful for your eyes. When a product shows it has expired, it implies it’s no longer fit to be used. Now, if you still prefer to use that same expired product, even after disinfecting, you will only be risking your own vision.

Why should you not use expired lenses?

Unsafe to use

When a contact lens crosses its expiration date, the lens manufacturer can’t guarantee about its safety. Now, one may argue that how come lenses get damaged after a few months of use especially when they stay sealed in airtight containers. Well, it’s to stress here, these airtight containers too have their expiry dates. After a point of time, these containers get damaged which may lead to serious contamination of lens and saline solution inside. Do you think it’s actually wise to put on contaminated lenses? Surely not.

Discomfort and infections

This is another important fact to remember when you are asking about wearing expired contact lenses.

If you have used contact lenses for a while, you are aware of the solution where lenses are kept inside their little boxes. Now, this solution too has an expiry date. After the expiry date crosses, this solution may turn more alkaline or more acidic. It may develop unstable pH level over time. Lenses stored in expired solution are not only uncomfortable for your delicate eyes- but can also cause serious infection to them.

Then, it must be noted here that expired lenses tend to develop harmful fungi, amoebae and bacteria over time. Now, if you put on a bacteria-laden lens on your eyes, you can pretty much guess the catastrophic aftermath you may encounter afterwards. Put simply, these harmful microbes on your expired lenses could even result in blindness.

Can you disinfect and wear it?

Well, honestly, you will find stories online where people have reported to use expired contact lenses after disinfection without any severe experience. Some of these users follow a strict routine while wearing expired contacts. First, they use a special kind of solution while disinfecting the expired lenses. Second, they clean the lenses for a longer period of time before putting them back on the eyes. According to them, you would have to submerge the lenses in these solutions for minimum 6 hours before putting them back on your eye.

Then, some users who wear expired contact lenses store the lenses (submerged in disinfectant solution) right inside their refrigerator. It’s true that cold temperature can prevent harmful microbial growth and hence here you have lesser threat of germs.

However, all of them have warned that if you wish to follow what they do, you will have to do it on your own risk.