Best Belt Sander Models You Might Want For Your Tool Shed

If you’re a DIY projects enthusiast, then chances are you’ve built or in the processing of building a complete workshop station at home. Among the other power tools and equipment that you need is a strong and reliable sander belt. This power tool is essential as it helps smooth down rough surfaces of wood and metal in a faster, more efficient manner.

Belt sanders tend to be quite expensive, making the decision of getting the power tool an important one. You want to have the best cost for money belt sander you can buy, packed with useful features for a maximum cost-benefit return. This article has listed down some of the best models of belt sanders available to help you with your decision.

  • Makita 9903

This is a middleweight belt sander model packing an 8.8-amp motor which provides plenty enough power for various house-jobs and renovations. Additionally, it has a variable speed dial for flexibility and its relatively small belt, with 3” x 21” dimensions, is perfect for small hands and lighter DIY or renovation jobs. Lastly, it has an auto-tracking system to keep the belt from straying off center track.

  • Makita 9403

This particular model from Makita is known for being quiet despite packing a strong 11-amp motor. Clocking in at only 84 decibels, it is the quietest belt sander available now in the market. It operates at 1,640 feet per minute speed which ensures fast sanding process. The bearings and motor are also protected from dust and debris accumulation through labyrinth construction seals.

  • Porter-Cable 371

This is a compact belt sander model with high flexibility features. Weighing in at only 6.6 pounds and with textured rubber grip makes it ideal and easy for one-handed control. Should you need to operate it with two-handed for heavier jobs, you can easily remove the auxiliary handle and the cord exit grip will serve as an additional grip to facilitate a wider range of orientations.