Area 51 Iptv Over 700 Hd Live Channels For $5 Per Month

Area 51 has been under the radar for quite a while due to its immense list of live streaming channels with reliable up time and an affordable subscription rate. It is an economical iptv provider that lists more than 1000 channels in its service package and has around 700 HD live channels. They have standard features and only one package that you can purchase in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month agreements at $5 per month.

The Android app clubs the channels in a logical manner where you will be able to find the English language channels at the top. This reduces the effort of scrolling throughout the list to find your favorite iptv channels, and that too in HD. Moreover, if you are a sports freak, you will get access to the premium sports channels like NFL, MLB, NHL, and even some life events broad casted on other networks.

Quality, Reliability, and Compatibility

The reason that Area 51 is gaining huge momentum and capturing a great fan base is due to the fact that the quality of the channels and the app itself are very good. Any live media streaming by any iptv provider entails problems like buffering and slow loading. But, with Area 51, you can be assured that there are no more buffering than the average and they are trying to provide seamless viewing experience with their constant knack for development.

In terms of compatibility, it is quite similar to other iptv providers. The app works well with Android and if you want to watch it on your desktop or laptop, you can install Blue stacks to run the application. The setup is quite easy and it is very unlikely to face problems for newbies. So, if you wish to watch media on live HD channels, you can approach Area 51 and enjoy the iptv service.