The 1db Goddess: Best Supplement For Women

The body of natal men and women carry a lot of significant physical differences. This includes the muscle mass, factors of metabolism, and hormone levels. With that said, the same supplements may not work, or may work differently for different sexes. This is something that the 1dB brand of fitness supplements understand well, with the 1dB goddess package serving as their flagship product targeted towards women. It comes with a lot of nutrients that are of great help, not only to achieve weight loss but also to help people feel better about themselves. Let’s find out more about this product below.


The 1dB Goddess Supplement comes with a lot of nutrients and substances, both plant-derived and artificial that contribute to weight loss and over-all better nutrition. Some of the natural ingredients found include green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, cayenne pepper, guarana, and cocoa. There also is dandelion leaf and bacopa monniera. There also are artificial ingredients like vitamin b6, thiamine disulphide, niacin, hordenine, choline bitartate, Collectively, these ingredients help to speed up brain power, and activate the body parts that help promote faster metabolism. It also has raspberry ketones which can further up the metabolism.

Other Features

One of the things to consider, when taking supplements in general is that not everyone can experience the same effects in taking it. This is because different factors can affect the way in which we react to a substance introduced in our bodies. Some people applaud the 1dB brand because of its competitive price, not being as expensive as other brands that offer the same thing. People also attribute the 1dB goddess to feeling energetic, and them losing some weight even if they do not exercise at all. There are other reviews that are mixed to negative that can be found all over the web.