What Is A GPS Tracker And How You Can Make Use Of It

GPS Tracker is a tool that can be used to track people or vehicles. A good GPS Tracker is usually equipped with security features to avoid vehicle theft.

What is the difference between a GPS Tracker & GPS Navigation?

Because GPS Tracker is used to track and protect vehicles, it is usually installed hidden in the car. While xy find it GPS Navigation is installed in the cabin so that the driver can see vehicle travel navigation.

Why do I need a GPS Tracker?

There are many advantages to having a GPS Tracker installed in your car. The following are some of these advantages:

Reducing fuel costs

With GPS Tracker, you can get the actual consumption of your fuel usage. You can also see the travel routes that your vehicle goes through. With this information, you can search for more efficient routes to save more fuel.

Increase Productivity

You can estimate the distance between your vehicle and the destination of the vehicle, you can also find out whether your driver arrives earlier or later than it should.

Vehicle Abuse Detection

You can see the route taken by the driver of your vehicle. You can also draw Geo-Fence so that if your car exits this limit, you can get alerts in the form of SMS or e-mail. Because of that you surely know if your driver is abusing your vehicle.

Safeguards from Car Theft

With the security features of our GPS Tracker, you can get alerts when your car is turned on. You can turn off your car’s engine from your computer or mobile if necessary. We already have several cases of missing cars that have been recovered.

Maintenance Management

With the latest tracker, we can retrieve data from vehicles, such as car speed, odometer, RPM, engine temperature, and show the data on the website. These data must be very helpful for early detection of problems in your vehicle, and can save a lot of repair costs.