Basic Basketball Skills

Basketball is one of the most famous sports in the world, whenever championships take place fans from all over the world keep tabs. A lot of players actually know how to play and a fraction of them would want to be professional players. Like any other outdoor or physical sports, basketball involves great understanding of the rules. Not only that, but basic skills are definitely needed; different from taruhan bola. Below are some of the most basic basketball skills that aspiring players have to practice.


Well, dribbling is a crucial skill for every basketball player out there and this particular skill allow them to move up, down and all over the court. Even getting past defenders and actually executing moves require a lot of dribbling. Adequate dribbling skills are required whenever a play is handling the ball, it may look simple enough but you have to be mindful of how the fingers are spread; proper finger placement enhances the ball control. We highly recommend practicing how to dribble with both hands.


An obvious skill requirement if you actually want to shoot the ball and score a staggering number of points. What you need to practice is the proper holding and throwing of the ball in the air and right towards the basket for solid points. While players are focused on aiming and shooting, they also have to get past defenders without getting fouls. The perfect shot involves correct arm tensions, proper aim and lift from the legs. The most basic of shots include layups, jump shots and free throws. Properly combining all these shots can help win more points for your team. Keep in mind that in almost every waking second, you have to dribble the ball; you can’t just stand there without doing anything nor are you allowed to just run off with the ball.