The Top 5 Most Annoying Internet Advertisements of All-Time

Each day as we surf the web, we are inundated with many different forms of advertising. Most often, these advertisements simply drift away and we never think of them again. However, there are those ads that, no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot forget. Lacking humor, logic, and design, these terrible advertisements seem to haunt our dreams. In fact, several of these terrible pieces of online advertising have become infamous due to their pervasiveness. We at PSN felt something had to be done.

Therefore, (drum roll…) People Search News is Proud to Present:

The Top 5 Most Annoying Internet Advertisements of All-Time

  1. “She Married Him” ( Whether you are playing fantasy sports, booking a hotel, or reading your email, you are bound to see it. “She Married Him” features a supposedly mismatched couple who were complete opposites in high school yet have found true love with each other since then. Amazingly, their love has also spawned seven children. Upon viewing this ad, we are left to ponder many complex questions including:

Was anyone actually alarmed when they found out that these two are together?    How much hair gel is the “hunk” wearing? Is the “nerd” supposed to be Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie?  We may never know the answers to these burning questions. However, as long as we have an internet connection, we will surely see this annoying ad.

  1. “Mortgage Dancing Guy” (LowerMyBills.Com): This ad boggles the mind by how random it is. First, you have the terms of a mortgage listed in the ad. Next, you throw in a dancing silhouette of what appears to be Arsenio Hall. Finally, you add some frantic animation. It doesn’t get much more annoying than this.
  1. “Celebrity Trivia” ( and multiple Web sites): “Who is this Singer?” “Who is Britney dating?” “Name this Wrestler.” The markers of these celebrity trivia ads assume that most Internet users are very excited about being able to answer some pretty simple trivia questions. Basically, they think that we always enjoy feeling smart. Wait a sec, I do know that name of the new Die Hard movie. They may just be right.
  1. “Dance Mania” (LowerMyBills.Com): This lovely ad features some text about mortgage rates and two ladies in full dance mode. Are they “Pop, Lock and Dropin’?” It is hard to be sure exactly what dance moves these ladies are executing because the dance action stops abruptly. What happens next? Ooh, the drama.
  1. “Raging Bull” ( We don’t know about you, but when we think about refinancing homes, an enraged bull comes to mind. Is this bull, a metaphor for the financial status of home-owning Americans or an appeal to P.E.T.A. members? Sadly, we probably will never know the advertiser’s intent here.

In order to avoid such marketing disasters, it is recommended that you hire an internet marketing company for your marketing process. This will help you in launching a successful marketing campaign that will surely give a huge boost to your online traffic and sales.

Properly Sighting your Hunting Rifle for better Accuracy

Before you go out on your first hunting trip, you’ll need to sight in your rifle. This is essential for any hunter who wishes to take accurate shots, and can help you get to know your gun better. That is aside from buying scopes at today. In most cases, you can sight in your rifle at a local shooting range; if one isn’t available, you can go to your property or lease and use a target for this purpose.

Clean Your Rifle

Before you sight in your hunting rifle, you’ll need to make sure it’s clean and free of damage. You can purchase a hunting “cradle” from outfitters like Bass Pro Shop to keep your gun steady and in a downward position while you clean. You’ll want to use a solvent like Hoppes No. 9 and an abrasive such as Gold Medallion to make sure the gun is in tip-top shape.

Set Up Your Target

If you decide to use a shooting range, they will have a wide variety of targets to use to sight in your hunting rifle. In most cases, you’ll want a target that is 20-25 feet away. Some shooting ranges have targets that are specifically designed for different guns, while others will have standard targets that can be used with any weapon. Just make sure that you have adequate room and that the target is well within your line of vision.

Steady Your Gun

Regardless of where you decide to sight in your hunting rifle, make sure that you have a rest on which to steady your gun. This purpose of this is to eliminate extraneous factors, such as shaking in your hands or an uneven stance. When you rest your gun on a steady surface, you ensure that the accuracy of your shot will be determine by your rear sight and scope.

Take Three Shots

Some hunters prefer to take as many as five preliminary shots, but three should be sufficient for the first round of sighting in. After you’ve fired off those three shots, check the target to determine where you’re beginning. The shots should be no more than two inches apart, and you can tell how accurate your gun is by how far the shots landed from the center of the target.

Adjust Rear Sight and Scope

Now that you have an idea for the accuracy of your shots, it’s time to adjust your rear sight and scope. It works backwards of what you might think; if your shots are too low, you need to adjust down; if they’re too far right, you’ll need to go left. This requires a little bit of guess and check, so don’t move too much until you can tell what the affect will be on your shot. Continue shooting in three-round intervals until the shots are accurate.

As you can tell, it isn’t difficult to sight in a hunting rifle, but it pays to take the time for this important step. Don’t assume that just because your gun was accurate last year, it will be right on target this year. Corrosion, dirt and other contaminants can change the sight of your rifle significantly over a period of just a few months.

Facebook’s Security, Application Platform, And Consistent Interface Make It The Premier Social Network

Facebook, the popular social network that until recently was restricted to college students, recently unveiled a new application platform and new security and privacy options that I believe elevate it past MySpace as the world’s top social networking website.

As probably the most skeptical person on earth when it comes to social networks and probably last person in my demographic to join MySpace, it’s really significant that I feel so strongly about this.

With MySpace, you are provided with a very limited set of privacy options (essentially, you have two settings – “let only my friends see my profile” versus “let everyone on God’s green earth see my profile”). Facebook, on the other hand, has always had better security – when it launched initially, you had to have a university e-mail account from a participating university to join. Once you were in, you could only see the profiles of other students at your school as well as the profiles of friends you had at other schools.

Opening it up to the masses has obviously created new challenges, similar to the challenges MySpace has faced concerning predatory internet behavior toward children. But with Facebook’s new security settings, you can designate certain people (people that you know only from online encounters, perhaps) to see a limited profile with no personal information. You also can personalize every aspect of your user experience – you can opt only to receive messages from approved users, you can customize who can find you by searching the site, and you can decide who gets to see your photos and who doesn’t.

It provides all the benefits of being able to connect with old friends while cutting out spam and the risk of internet predators.

Now, the next feature that makes Facebook superior to MySpace is it’s new application platform feature. An entire economy has risen inside Facebook since it opened it’s doors to private developers.

Facebook applications extend the website in more ways than you can even imagine – I have a stock market simulator that lets me invest $20,000,000 of fake money and compete against other Facebook users for the highest net worth, a tool that let’s me “throw a sheep at” other users, and a tool that allows me to keep track of local concerts in my area and what other Facebook users around me are going to them.

The application platform for the submission of torguard code for various purchase of needs proper information of  an customer including their E-mail ID to give them offers directly via their  E-mail address and the company do not charges for this, which launched earlier this summer, let’s any private developer or development firm make what are essentially “plug-ins” to Facebook. This means that practically any kind of functionality inside your Facebook account is possible, allowing users for the first time to have music and videos integrated into their profiles.

Facebook also has a clean, consistent interface. On MySpace, some pages extend far beyond my willingness to scroll left-to-right as users can do whatever they wish with their page’s CSS file, but on Facebook, every page is essentially the same with different information and pictures. This consistency, as well as the lack of music and videos that play as soon as the page loads, make my prefer Facebook exponentially.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. What’s your favorite social network and why do you like it?

4 Important Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A Condo

Buying a condominium is not like buying a toy or buying a dress. It is a lot more than that. Therefore, you must clear all your doubts before entering into any such transaction or initiating the process. But often, we do not know what questions to put forward regarding this topic as we may not even know how to go about it. We don’t know the procedures involved, or what things we should be checking on before buying one. This ignorance from our part may lead us to be duped in the process. Here, we present to you a few questions which are a must ask before buying a condo:

  1. What Facilities Will Be Available To Me? What Are The Monthly Maintenance Charges For The Facilities?

Just like when you buy a phone, you ask the salesperson about the features and specifications of the phone; similarly, in the case of buying a condo, do ask about all its facilities and features like parc central ec. You deserve to know about it as you are paying for it.

You should also ask the maintenance and other charges involved in using these facilities.

  1. What Material Is Used For The Construction Of The Building? Whether The Building Is Vulnerable To Natural Calamities Like An Earthquake?

It is very, very essential that you have all the ideas about the materials used in building the condo. First, because you are paying for it, and you should know that you are paying the right amount for the right material. Secondly, you would not want the condo to fall off during any natural calamity like an earthquake, or you would not like it to get decayed within a month after you move in.

  1. Can The Payment Be Made In Installments?

Even though you may be able to afford the whole amount at once, but there is nothing wrong in asking about the installment schedule, if there is any. Installments will always make your transactions easier and less strenuous.

  1. Is Any Litigation Pending On The Property Before Any Court?

This should also be one of your primary queries. You should know that the property should be free from all liabilities like mortgage, surety, and any other third party encumbrances.

There Are No Good Excuses For Avoiding The Dentist

No more excuses! The dentist is waiting. In this day and age, there is really no excuse not to go to a dentist at least once a year. The preferred amount is only twice a year, and you should go. It is not that often. Every six months. It is not like the dentist wants you to come every week, or once a month, like some other types of doctors. If you want to know about the credible dentist 94401 in your area then this link here will provide you with all the information. This way you will learn about affordable dental options along with all the benefits that you get with regular visits to dentists.

Today if you are afraid of the dentist, for whatever reason, there are different dentists who can help you. No matter what your phobia, nowadays there is a new solution. If you have not been to the dentist in a long while you may not know this. There are specialty dentists. Dentists that are specifically for those that are very nervous. You can find them right in your yellow pages. They have all kinds of great ways to help you. You may need the extra medicine that can be provided for you, to help you relax. This usually consists of taking a few deep breaths into a gas mask. You breathe in a chemical that makes you feel very relaxed. In this way, you can get your appointment accomplished, and be ready to walk out the door back to whatever you were doing. It has no ill effects and wears off quickly. The dentist you go to should be very proficient in his or her knowledge of how to administer this gas.

Another great thing in dentist offices now are massage chairs, they are comfortable and take your mind off of what is going on. Some dentists also give you sunglasses to wear, so you do not have to have a clear view of the procedures. The glasses also help to protect your eyes from any flying debris that may happen during a certain procedure. Yet other dentists have a television in the rooms. This is also a good technique to take your mind off of things you may not want to be thinking of. Still, other dentists may have iPods to let you listen to. This is really nice because with them you can close your eyes and listen to the music and not think about even being in the dentist chair. Some dentist has all of the above, for you. You just need to look around until you find a dentist who will help you feel comfortable. It is really very easy now because almost all dentist offers one or more of these services. In this way, you can help alleviate some of your dental chair fear.

Whatever it is you may need there are no more excuses for not going to the dentist. They really are fairly painless or completely painless, depending on what you may or may not need to be done. It is very important for your overall health to keep up with the health of your teeth. You may not know it, but having healthy teeth and gums is very important to other systems in your body. So if you are afraid, just look around and find a dentist in your area who will accommodate you, for whatever particular problem it is you may have. You can find a good dentist. Get those teeth checked, it really may be a very important decision in your overall health.

How to Do 20 Pull-ups

1. Figure out your goal. You can’t reach your goal if you don’t define it. Don’t say, “I want to do more pushups.” Instead, say, “I want to do 100 pushups without resting.”

  1. Dedicate one workout to figuring out where you stand. Do as many reps as you can. Give yourself 1 minute of rest and repeat. Do this for a total of 5 sets. Record your sets repetitions per set, as well as the amount of rest in between sets. If you can’t do a pullup, use a weight-assist machine to help you perform sets of 8-10. Record the weight you used.

My example: Pullups: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 = 33 total pullups

  1. Go back to your goal make sure it’s realistic. If it’s overly ambitious and you still want to achieve it, then set your timeline accordingly. Don’t give yourself a month to get from 5 pullups to 20 pullups (it took me 2 ½ to get from 10 to 20.
  1. Rest for at least 3 days, but go back try to exceed your baseline workout. Your ultimate goal is to complete more total reps (number of reps completed in the entire workout) than you previously did. Do so in this order (my example numbers in parentheses):

-Increase the number of reps in each set. (11, 9, 7, 6, 5) = 38 total pullups

-Increase the number of reps in at least one set while maintaining the same number of reps in the other sets. (12, 8, 6, 5, 5) = 36 total pullups

-Do not decrease any sets, but add another set to complete more reps. (10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 2) =35 total pullups

-Decrease the number of sets required to perform the same number of reps + 1. (12, 9, 7, 6) = 34 pullups

-Decrease the amount of rest between sets. (rest 45 seconds instead of 1 minute).

  1. Commit to a similar workout at least two to three times a week. Each workout should take no more than 20 minutes (even allowing yourself to rest more than 1 minute at a time).
  1. Keep a log of every workout. You need to record each set, the number of reps in each set, and the amount of rest between sets. It also helps to record things such as whether that day was easier or harder, and why. Since your goal for each workout is to exceed the previous workout, it is good for you to have a good idea of how many reps you expect to achieve, as well as an idea of whether you’re going to blow past that goal or have a hard time meeting it.
  1. Keep in mind that during your first few weeks, your gains will be very noticeable, but after you’re in a routine for a while, your body will adjust to the workouts and your gains will become harder to achieve. This is perfectly normal, so you should not expect your long-term goal timeline to be based on the gains you make in the first 2-3 weeks.

  1. Keep at it on a regular schedule. The primary reason people don’t achieve these goals is that they don’t keep at it consistently. Making up for 3 20-minute workouts by trying to do all those pullups in an hour on Saturday, then skipping workouts for a week and a half will not work. Block off your time for this goal to keep at your schedule.

These are the tips given by the best fitness influencer in this industry. You can easily follow all these tips and perform a rigorous workout on your own. This will help you in acquiring your body goals as quickly as possible. 

The Different Sizes of Jacks Associated with Degrees and Pitches of a Roof

Did you know that there are different types of roofing jacks? Through the years, roofing jacks have changed little. Most have gotten a little longer, changed color or became a little thicker, but “jacks”, (a nickname associated with roofing jacks), basically come in four different options.

Through the years, no matter how many times roofing jacks are explained by degrees, many still do not either know the difference or get it backward. This includes some roofers. Studying this simple explanation should give you an idea of what degree is associated with what kind of jack.

  1. 90 Degree Jacks= This type of roofing jack primarily has the shape of a “J” bracket, with another metal piece crossing from the middle of the letter, to the hook-end of the “J”. The metal piece mentioned comes out level if you hold the jack bracket straight up. Roofers primarily use this type of jack on very steep roofs, ranging from 8/12 to 11/12 pitch.[ a 1/12 pitch means the roof levels up 1 inch per foot, so an 8/12 pitch means the roof vertically measures up and angled at eight inches every 12 inches horizontally). Most 90 degree jacks are used with 2×6 boards, so the metal piece the board lies in is at least 6″ long. These types of jacks have a “hook” that wraps over the top of the 2×6, giving the board a safety feature of not flipping up. These jacks also come with holes on the side or top or both, so you have the option of nailing the board through the jack hole, giving you another safety feature. Today, jacks come primarily in yellow, but there are a variety of colors out there, ranging from grey to blue. this generally applies to most of the jacks mentioned also. 90-degree jacks also have three- or four slits cut into the base, so you can nail the bracket to the roof itself. this keeps the jack attached to the roof, giving the roofer(s) comfort knowing they are not going to fall off. This is also where the 2×6’s overlay each other if the roofer doesn’t have a board long enough for this part of the roof. Less popular are the 2×4 roofing jacks.
  2. 60 Degree Jacks= The same basic design, as well as the same features, except the 60-degree jacks angle the 2×6 farther from the roof, which angles your body farther from the roof, giving you a better level for your feet. These are generally the most popular jack to use and easiest to work with. 60-degree jacks keep you from being snug up against the roof itself and keep you from being exceptionally close to the roof and are applied on roofs with a pitch of 4/12-8/12.

  3. 45 Degree Jacks= Also the same basic design as the 90-and 60-degree jacks, but 45-degree jacks have the metal aligned to where you are standing up straight if applied to a very low pitch roof. Rarely used, these types of jacks actually come primarily in the color of red and are NOT safe on any pitch higher than a 4/12. More often than the other sizes, 45-degree jacks come in sizes to fit a 2×8″ and 2×10″ board. These size boards, (not jacks), are often associated with slate roofs and are also used as a “bottom catch”, installed on the edge of a roof.
  4. Adjustable Roofing Jacks= This type of jack is the only one that adjusts, therefore it doesn’t stay permanent, unlike the first three jacks mentioned. This is also not a one-piece metal like the first three mentioned. There are three movable arms for adjustment. Jacks of this nature are often used to adjust to pitching of the roof, keeping the roofer from buying excess jacks every time he’s put on a different pitch, either from the same roof or a totally different one. The safety features of this jack are generally not as safe as the fixed angles, because there is always the chance that the screw might break, or the nut might screw itself off. There is always a danger factor when dealing with this type of jack, and the only bonus of owning and installing this type of jack is the different pitches you can set this to, to conform with the level ability of the house=i.e. There are usually five different settings on this jack, so if the house is between a 5/12 and a 6/12 pitch, you can set the difference by adjusting the bracket.

All roofers, as well as roofing companies, are different. some require you to use 90-degree jacks on all roofs, and some not. this is to just explain the numbers associated with the degree of the jack.

This is a list ONLY used to explain the degree of each bracket by name, not by what law you are supposed to you these for.

Rules are different in all states, so please look at the laws from each state to find out if the rules of thumb are for what type of pitch is necessary for what degree. This is why if you are planning to build or repair your roof you should let handle that for you. They are familiar with all these jacks and the different permits that you might need in order to complete the construction process. 

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Virtual Data Rooms- A New Age Discovery

The age of modernity has always been greeted with open arms as it signifies new
beginnings and new age technology replacing the old. It is inevitable for technology to experience an upgrade so as to appeal to the modern generation which has been
happening since the stone age.

If we choose a subject regarding science and technology, it will take a few days
atleast to analyze everything from top to bottom or even to scratch the surface of the
entire body of work.

One reason that why most people do not delve much into this subject is that it is
quite complex to understand and most common people will find all the information
going over their head and also because it is one of the least interesting topics for
youngsters all over the world.


However, when you combine science with entertainment, it is bound to pique the
interest of one and all and make it a worthy topic for the day. One that immediately
comes to mind is the Virtual Data Room (VDR).

These data rooms are for the purpose of improving technology so as to help the time
consuming process of business costs and efforts so that it can help in finishing tasks at a quicker pace.

It is important to mention that Mergers and Acquisitions that are relevant for US
economy is kept secured in virtual data rooms so as to strike M & A deals.

Benefits of VDR

1) It is cost effective as you can have virtual access to information surrounding
the data and there are no need to rent data rooms for conducting due

2) There is an increase in productivity level as the parties communicate through
virtual portals

3) Deals can be purchased, sold and negotiated from anywhere in the world and
there is no geographical confinement

Finding a Quality Daycare

There is much debate as to whether pre-school children are better off at home or in daycare. No matter your opinion, for those parents who choose daycare finding one that is of the utmost quality is important. With so many daycare choices, choosing one may seem overwhelming. However, there are easy ways to discern a poor center from a quality one.

Most parent’s first consideration is cost, and ironically, this should be the least important, budget permitting. The most important indicators of quality are obvious when you first approach a center. Determining quality starts during the initial phone call, if you make one, to inquire about openings. Many small daycares cannot afford a full-time receptionist to answer calls so you will be speaking directly with a teacher or director. No matter whom you speak with, they should be able to answer your questions about the center and not obviously be taking their attention off screaming children or trying to talk to them and you at the same time.

When you first walk into a center, it should be clean. Not only because you don’t want your child rolling around in filth, but because a clean appearance means staff take pride in the center. The cleanliness of the floors, counters, tabletops, toys, etc. is a good indicator that staff pays attention to detail and if they care about their image, they will be more likely to care about your child as well. It is always good to see displays of children’s work and bulletin boards so you know they are doing activities that both entertain and enrich their time at daycare.

You should see happy children and teachers, yes where there are young children there will always be temper tantrums, but overall the children should seem content and engaged. Just walking in and observing once isn’t enough to get a good idea about the quality of the center. Visit the center at different times, some unannounced, to see how the children and teachers interact during various times of the day, especially notoriously difficult times like nap time and mealtime. Allowing these open visits indicates that a center has nothing to hide from parents and is crucial in determining how teachers interact with children.

Parental communication is very important in the success of your child’s time at daycare. Centers should have a written as well as verbal communication policy used to communicate with parents on a daily basis. Teachers should let parents know what their child did that day, how much they ate if they napped etc. Parents should also be invited to participate in parties, trips, and volunteer in the classroom.

Lastly, you should consider the location of the center. For instance, there is Heights provides preschool and child care programs in the Houston that is a perfect choice for people that live in Houston and nearby region. Choosing a daycare in a nearby region has its own perk which is why it is recommended that you choose one near you. 

The daycare industry is notorious for having under-trained staff that makes minimum wage with high turn over rates. Because of this, parents should make sure the staff is properly trained and qualified to care for young children. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials. Staff should know CPR, first aid, and have medication training as well as some kind of childhood education training. Ask how long staff has worked at the center, a high turnover rate can cause confusion and make the daycare environment unstable for children when they are exposed to many different teachers. Teachers who have been with a center for a long time are probably happy there, in turn creating a warmer, happier environment for the children. Along with turnover, some centers rotate teachers or shifts and this too can cause confusion and unpredictability.

Clear routines and policies help to make children feel secure, young children thrive on routine and predictability. Ask about schedules, discipline policies, and routines to make sure your child will be able to adjust. You should receive a written copy of that information as well as how they handle payments, holidays, and sick children. When you visit, observe whether or not these policies are being used.

Almost every state has a set of the child to teacher ratios for daycare centers and following these guidelines, or having fewer children per teacher, are a key indicator of quality. Most guidelines are around 4 infants under 1 year per teacher, 7 toddlers 1-2 years per teacher, 10 children 2-3 years per teacher, and 12 children 3-5 years per teacher. While some state’s regulations allow more or less, a daycare’s ratios should never exceed the limits of your state. Find out what the requirements of your state are before you choose a daycare.

Speaking with parents is a good way to get opinions about the center; a quality center will not have many complaints and have satisfied parents. In the end, you should go with the center that makes you and your child feel the most comfortable.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Getting Hacked?

As we see a rapid improvement in technology we also see a rise in the number of hacking incidents. We see how sensitive data of people or companies are hacked as they make a small error as they browse the internet. In this article, we are going through some of the best tips that you can follow in order to keep yourself safe from hacking and other sorts of stuff. 

  • The first and the easiest step to keep your online data safe is to keep your software up to date. As with these software updates you also get important security plugins and updates that will keep you safe for hackers and virus attacks like type32.exe process that are quite common.

  • In order to keep your online content safe be it your social media profiles, websites, or any other databases, you should pay special attention to the 3rd party codes that you for that. In order to make sure that the code or script that you are using for your website, you should pay attention to their coding and security updates.  
  • This is obvious but you should create strong passwords for your online accounts. As one of the most common reasons why accounts get hacked is because of a weak password. Another important thing here is that you keep changing your password every three months. It is also advised that you keep your antivirus software up to date as well, as it is quite possible for hackers to learn your passwords as they hack your personal computer.  

  • Instead of blaming others for your security you should learn more about how you can keep yourself safe from all these online attacks. You can do your research online and learn about various tools and third-party software that are there in the market that you can use in order to keep your self safe from online attacks.  
  • Lastly, you should look for a reliable and secure web hosting service as they take online security very seriously. In order to make sure that their customers get a safe online experience they keep their operating systems up to date.