Multimedia Projects


Table of Contents

  1. Written Language
  2. User Interfaces
  3. Desktop Utilities
  4. Audio
  5. Video
  6. 2D Drawing
  7. 3D Drawing
  8. Light Control
  9. Multimedia Data Archives
  10. Games (from the Games section)

Written Language

- Encyclopedias

- Literature

  • Project Gutenberg

    (Public domain literature made available online)
    (sheet music)

  • Mutopia Project
    (Free sheet music. License: see
    this page)
  • Great Books and Classics (Online
    library of classic literature, of which many texts are freely accessible
    and redistributable.)
  • Wikisource
    (Multi-lingual and collaboratively build repository of free texts)
  • Wikibooks
    (Multi-lingual and collaboratively build repository of free
    educational texts)
  • Wikiquote
    (Multi-lingual and collaboratively build quotations resource)
  • Wikitravel

    (Multi-lingual, collaboratively build, world-wide travel guide)

  • Ibiblio (Conservancy of freely
    available information, including: software, music, literature, visual art, history,
    science, politics, and cultural studies.)
  • "Free for All" (Book about
    the Free Software movement. License:
  • Community Books
    (Web forum for people willing to share their books and videos with each other.
    The "Distributed Library Project"
    is the PHP/MySQL based web interface framework used for the Community Books
    web site.)
  • GNUtemberg
    (Catalog system for literature and other documentation made available
    under a free license)

- Dictionaries & Thesauruses

  • Wiktionary
    (Multi-lingual and collaboratively build dictionary, containing: meanings,
    etymologies and pronunciations)
  • FreeDict (Bilingual dictionaries for
    many different languages. Features: Unicode
    support, XML formatting, phonetical pronouncement. Inactive project.)
  • Aiksaurus (English language
    thesaurus library)
  • KSocrat
    (KDE based english/russian and russian/english dictionary)
  • WordTrans (Qt based
    translation front-end for several dictionary projects. Inactive project.)
  • StarDict
    GNOME based international dictionary. Inactive project.)
  • Edictionary
    (Perl based command-line interface to various online English dictionaries)

User Interfaces

- Usability

- Input Systems & Tools

  • Unicode Text Tools
    (from the Text Management section)
  • xbindkeys
    (Window manager independent key/mouse button associator)
  • xkeymouse
    (Window manager independent key/mouse button associator)
  • xke
    (Window manager independent key/mouse button associator)
  • Lineak

    (Window manager independent key/mouse button associator)

  • Dasher (C/C++/Tcl
    based data-entry system, useful in environments where a full-size
    keyboard cannot be used, but where one can use a mouse, stylus, or an
    eye-tracker e.g.)
  • GOK
    (GNOME based onscreen keyboard/mouse system)
  • Xstroke
    (Full-screen gesture recognition tool for pointer devices
    such as a mouse, stylus or pen/tablet)
  • wayV
    (Mouse based user gesture window control system)
  • GTKeyboard

    (GTK+ based virtual keyboard application)

  • xvkbd
    (X based virtual keyboard application)
  • MouseTool
    (KDE based automated mouse-click tool)
  • Console Hardware Drivers
    (from the Games section)

- X Windowing System

  • (Support
    site for interoperability among free desktop environments)
  • X
    (Full-featured windowing system. Code-fork of XFree86.
    License: MIT license)
  • XFree86 (Full-featured windowing
    system. License: MIT license)
  • DRI ("Direct Rendering
    Infrastructure". Allows for more direct access to the graphics hardware
    through the XFree86 server, thereby greatly improving the performance
    of video and Op*nGL graphics rendering.)
    (FDDRI DRI for frame-buffer consoles)
  • Utah GLX (Project with similar
    goals as the XFree86 DRI project but aims to be more portable)
  • Cairo (Vector graphics library
    with support for X. License: MIT license)
  • KDrive Tiny X Server
    (Self-contained X server for low memory environments. This package is included in the XFree86
    source package.)
  • Cygwin (Port
    of XFree86 and other free software to M$ windows)
  • XonX (Port of XFree86 on Darwin and MacOS X)
    (XDarwin another 'XFree86 on Darwin' site)

- Alternative Rendering Systems

  • Mesa3D (Portable 3D
    graphics library, with an API very similar to Op*nGL. License:
    see this page)
  • DirectFB (Advanced
    framebuffer device framework)
    (framebuffer related links)
  • AAlib (ASCII based
    rendering engine. Inactive project.)
  • libcaca (Colour
    ASCII based rendering engine)
  • SVGAlib (Low-level graphics library,
    upon which applications must be run as 'setuid root'. Note however that
    root privileges are dropped immediately after SVGAlib initialization.)
  • KGI ("Kernel Graphics
    Interface". KGI consists of a portable kernel-space video-card driver
    framework. The core driver functionality is done in kernel space,
    and anything else is done through the
    GGI user space library.
    Inactive project.)

- Alternative Windowing Systems

  • Screen (Console
    based windowing system)
    (another homepage)
  • Twin (Console
    based graphical windowing system)
  • FreeGLUT
    (Free implementation of the 'openGL Utility Toolkit'. FreeGLUT provides
    a windowing API based on Op*nGL.)
  • GGI (General Graphics Interface.
    Set of portable user-space libraries that provide high-level access to many
    graphic devices. CGI can use many different render targets:
    Linux fbdev, X11, AAlib, SVGAlib, and others.)
  • SDL ("Simple DirectMedia layer".
    Advanced and portable 2D/3D multimedia & game development library.
    SDL can use different render targets: Op*nGL, DirectFB, Linux fbdev, X11, AAlib)
    (game projects)
  • Fresco (Experimental windowing system
    which supports: GGI, SDL, DirectFB and GLUT)
  • MicroWindows (Lightweight
    windowing system)
  • PicoGUI (Lightweight windowing system)
  • OpenGUI (C/C++ based windowing
    system, built upon a low-level, x86 based assembler, graphics engine.)

- Font Renderers, Servers & Editors

  • FreeType (Font rendering
  • xfstt
    (True Type font server for X)
  • XTT
    (True Type font server for X)
  • Fontconfig
    (Library for configuring and customizing font access)
  • FontForge
    (Outline/bitmap font editor that lets you create your own fonts: postscript,
    truetype, opentype, cid-keyed, svg and bitmap (bdf) fonts, or edit
    existing ones. FontForge can also convert fonts.)
  • TeXtrace (Converts TeX
    fonts into a Type1 ".pfb" outline fonts usable in dvips, pdftex, Acr*read, and
    many other programs)
  • mminstance (Tool to create
    instances of PostScript Type1 multiple master fonts usable in programs
    like: afm2tfm, ps2pk, GhostScript ps2pdf, and the X11 Type1 font server)
  • ttf2pt1
    ("True Type Font to Postscript Type 1". License: BSD-style.)

- Font Data

  • FreeFont (Project
    which aims to provide a set of 'free outline fonts' covering
    the ISO 10646/Unicode Universal Character Set)
  • MetaType (Tools to create
    True Type fonts based on TeX Metafont language)
  • Free Bangla Fonts Project

    (Initiative to create free Unicode compliant Bangla fonts)

  • Culmus
    (Initiative to create free Unicode compliant Hebrew fonts)
  • VSOFont
    ("Very Simple OpenGL Font")

- Graphical Toolkits and Desktop Frameworks

  • Ncurses
    ("New Curses". C library for programming graphical console interfaces using the
    Terminfo data format.)
    (more info)
    (CDK widget library)
    (kcurses widget library)
  • Slang
    (C library for programming graphical console interfaces)
  • wxWidgets (Portable C++ GUI
    development framework. License:
    modified LGPL)
  • GTK+ (The GIMP Toolkit. Portable, C based GUI toolkit)
    (GTK+ w32 native M$ w32 port)
    (GTK+OSX native MacOS-X port)
    (GTKmm C++ library interface to GTK+)
    (GTK2-perl Perl library interface to GTK+)
    (GtkGLExt C and C++ library
    interface to use Op*nGL operations via GTK+ widgets)
    (GTK+ on DirectFB a framebuffer
    backend for GTK+)
  • GNOME (GUI application framework based on GTK+)
    (GNOMEmm development
    library which provieds functionality beyond GTK+/gtkmm)
    (Bakery C++ framework for
    creating GTK+/GNOME applications)
    (CyGNOME Port
    of GTK+ and GNOME to Cygwin)
  • Qt
    (Portable C++ GUI toolkit)
    Embeddable port of Qt)
  • KDE (GUI application framework based on Qt)
    (language bindings

    for Perl, Python, Ruby, and several other languages)
    (KDE on Cygwin
    Port of Qt and KDE to Cygwin)

  • Xfce
    (GUI application framework based on GTK+)
  • AnyGUI (Python based generic API for
    programming with several different GUI toolkits. License: BSD-style.)
  • Inti (C++ based GUI
    development library which wraps these libraries: ATK, GDK, GDK-PIXBUF,
    GLIB, GTK and Pango)
  • PIXEL (C based GUI toolkit
    build on Microwindows and Nano-X. PIXEL is aimed at embedded
    desktop systems and comes with a set of desktop applications)
  • ParaGUI (C++/SDL based GUI toolkit)
  • aedGUI (C++/SDL based GUI library)
  • MiniGUI (C based GUI toolkit)
  • FOX (Portable C++ GUI development framework)
  • FLTK
    ("Fulltick" is a portable C++ based GUI toolkit)
  • GNUstep (Scheme based GUI application
  • EDE ("Equinox Desktop
    Environment". eFLTK based lightweight desktop framework.)
  • Xdialog (Tool to convert
    a console based program into a program with a GTK+ based GUI)
  • smartmenu (X
    based menu application for use with
    LIRC controlled devices)

- Window Managers

Desktop Utilities

- Desktop Locking

  • xtrlock
    (X session locking tool)
  • vlock
    (Console session locking program)

- Desktop Configuration

  • genmenu (Shell script
    to automatically create a window manager menu. Genmenu is compatible with:
    Enlightenment, WindowMaker and several BlackBox variants.)
  • FieryFilter
    (GTK+ based desktop tool for GNU/Linux Netfilter firewall administration)
  • xbrightness
    (X based screen brightness adjustment tool)

- Desktop Screenshots

  • KSnapshot (KDE based
    screen snapshot tool)
  • fbdump (Screen snapshot tool
    for Linux based framebuffer devices)

- Desktop beautification tools

  • XOSD
    (On-screen display tool for unmanaged, shaped and transparant texts)
  • Xplanet
    (Dynamically renders 3D maps of the earth on the desktop background)
  • Really Slick Screensavers
    (Op*nGL based 3D screensavers)
    (Un*x/X11 port)
  • xdesktopwaves
    (Cellular automata rendering tool which changes the desktop background image)
  • ChBg
    (GNOME based desktop background image changer. Inactive project.)


- Audio Codecs

- Audio Encoders

  • CDParanoia (Extracts audio
    data from compact discs, with no analog step between. Supported output
    formats: WAV, AIFC, AIFC and raw 16 bit linear PCM.)
  • OggEnc
    (High quality lossy Ogg Vorbis audio encoder)
  • flac2ogg
    (Perl script to convert FLAC or shorten files to Ogg Vorbis)
  • LAME ("LAME Ain't an Mp3
    Encoder". High quality MPEG 1, 2
    and 2.5 layer III audio encoder. Please consider using
    Ogg Vorbis instead of
    MP3, because the latter is
    patent encumbered and also
  • SoX (Sound
    converter/player/recorder for many audio file formats)
  • Abcde
    (Shell script to encode audio CD's to Ogg, and other formats,
    in one step)
  • vlorb
    (Python script tool to encode audio CD's to Ogg format in one step)
  • Jack
    (Python script to encode audio CD's to Ogg format in one step)
  • mp3burn (Tool for making
    an audio CD image from a set of MP3 files)
  • audio_burn
    (Command-line frontend to encode audio CD's from multiple different
    audio file types in one step)
  • ripperX
    (GTK+ based audio CD ripping frontend)
  • Rawrec
    (Tool for recording and playing raw audio data)
  • Manauton
    (Tool for recording audio data in manual mode or in autonomous
    mode using sound triggers)
  • aifc2wav (Tool for
    converting AIFC-IMA4 audio files into WAV files.
    License: none, it is public domain)

- Audio Decoders

  • ogg123
    (Audio player for Ogg Vorbis files)
  • mpg321
    (Audio player for the
    patent encumbered

    MP3 codec)

  • MAD (A high-quality
    MPEG 1/2/2.5 audio decoder)
  • SoX (Sound
    converter/player/recorder for many audio file formats)
  • mcplay
    (Ncurses based audio player)
  • Cplay
    (Python/Ncurses based audio player)
  • PyTone
    (Python/Ncurses based audio player)
  • mpfc
    (Ncurses based audio player)
  • moc ("Music On Console".
    Ncurses based audio player. Inactive project.)
  • XMMS
    ("X MultiMedia System". Modular audio player.)
    (speex-xmms Speex audio plugin)
    (BMP GTK+ v2 based XMMS fork)
    (projectM 3D visualization plugin)
  • madman
    (Qt/XMMS based music catalog system)
  • Rhythmbox
    (GNOME based audio player)
  • amaroK (KDE based audio player)
  • prokyon3
    (KDE/MySQL based audio player)
  • Musik
    (wxWidgets based audio player)
  • Zinf
    (FreeAmp sourcecode based audio player)
  • Gnomoradio
    (GNOME based music player, that find, fetch, share, and play music
  • Towel (GTK+ based
    audio player)
  • AlsaPlayer (Multi-threaded
    PCM audio player, compatible with the ALSA and JACK sound systems)
  • SnackAmp
    (Tcl/Tk based audio player)
  • Grip (GTK+ based front-end for
    playing and ripping audio CD's)
  • MikMod
    (Library for playing several different module formats)
  • cdloop
    (Audio CD player with special looping capabilities)
  • hymn

    (Decryption tool for the iTun*s AAC/m4p audio files)

  • XMP (Module player. Inactive project.)
  • Armoda (SDL based mod/s3m module
    player. License: none, it is Public Domain)
  • UADE ("Unix Amiga
    Delitracker Emulator". A free re-implementation of Eagleplayer and
    Delitracker API for Un*x, to play old Amiga audio files.)

- Audio CD Mastering Tools

- Audio Synthesizing & Editing Tools

  • Audio Encoders
    (from the Multimedia section)
  • Audio Decoders
    (from the Multimedia section)
  • Audio CD
    (from the Multimedia section)
  • CD
    & DVD Mastering Tools
    (from the System Management section)
  • Speech Synthesis & Recognition

    (from the Multimedia section)

  • Agnula ("A GNU Linux Audio
    distribution". Debian GNU/Linux distribution for multimedia development.)
  • Ardour (GTK+ based multi-track
    audio processing with ALSA and JACK sound system support)
  • Audacity (GTK+ based audio editor)
  • BEAST ("BEdevilled Audio SysTem".
    GNOME based audio synthesis and song tracker application based on the BSE
    audio library)
  • Sound Tracker (GNOME based
    multi-track audio processing)
  • mpgedit (GTK+/Ncurses based
    MPEG 1/2/2.5 audio file editor, with support for constant and variable
    bit-rate encoded files)
  • terminatorX (GTK+ based,
    'real-time', audio synthesizer that allows you to "scratch" on digitally
    sampled audio data)
  • GLAME (GNOME based
    audio editing tool)
  • Ecasound (Multi-track
    audio processing tool)
    (projects based on Ecasound)
  • Protux (Qt based audio editor)
  • Sweep (GTK+ based audio editor)
  • Snd (GTK+/command-line
    based audio editor)
  • Galan (Graphical Audio Language.
    GNOME based audio synthesizing tool)
  • Hydrogen (Qt based
    'real-time' drum sequencer)
  • ZynAddSubFX (FLTK based
    instrument synthesizing tool, with ALSA and JACK sound system support)
  • gmorgan (FLTK based
    rhythm station, with ALSA sound system support)
  • autools
    (Portable collection of tools to play, record, generate, modify, and analyse
    audio files)
  • GWC (GNOME Wave Cleaner.
    Tool for restoring audio files using denoise, dehiss and amplify techniques.)
  • OggDoctor (GNOME based
    tool for taginfo editing of Ogg files)
  • Cantus (GNOME based
    GUI for taginfo editing of Ogg files)
  • aRts (KDE based audio synthesizer)
  • amSynt (GTK+ based
    audio synthesizer)
  • Kwave (KDE based audio editor)
  • ReZound (Fox GUI based audio editor)
  • wavbreaker (GTK+ based .wav file
  • Rosegarden
    (KDE based MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor)
  • Brahms
    (KDE based MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor)
  • NoteEdit
    (KDE based musical score editor)
  • XGMC
    (Qt based MIDI sequencer)
  • TSE3
    (MIDI sequencer engine)
  • Tutka
    (GNOME based MIDI sequencer)
  • Jazz++

    (wxWidgets based MIDI sequencer)

  • TiMidity++
    (GNOME/Ncurses based tool to convert MIDI files to various audio
    file formats. TiMidity++ can also convert MOD files to MIDI files.)
  • p2pmidi
    (System to connect MIDI devices over a network using TCP or UDP)
  • KGuitar
    (KDE based guitarist guide environment. Inactive project.)
  • Songwrite
    (Python/Tk and Timidity based tablature editor for guitar/bass/banjo)
  • BruteFIR
    (Tool for applying long FIR filters
    to multi-channel digital audio, either offline or in realtime)
  • normalize
    (Tool for adjusting the volume of audio files to a standard level)
  • BpmDj (Beats-per-minute counter
    and tempo-player)
  • QRT
    (Qt based, real-time, audio mixing system)
  • GDAM
    (GTK+ based, real-time, audio mixing system. Inactive project.)
  • K3Guitune
    (KDE based tool for helping tuning a musical instrument)

- Audio Streaming

  • IceCast (Ogg audio streaming server)
    (LiveIce Live
    source client for IceCast)
  • Muse (Ogg audio streaming server)
  • GStreamer (Development framework
    for creating multimedia applications)
  • NMM
    ("Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware". Development
    framework for creating distributed multimedia applications)
  • OMSP
    ("Open Media Streaming Project". Development framework
    for creating real-time streaming server.)
  • MPD ("Music Player Daemon".
    Ogg audio streaming server for which several clients exist.)
  • GNUMP3d
    (Ogg audio streaming server)
  • PeerCast (Gnutella protocol based
    peer-to-peer audio streaming system with support for Ogg Vorbis)
  • Streamer (Peer-to-peer
    based audio streaming system)
  • TMV
    ("Thomer's Music Vault". Perl/CGI based Ogg audio streaming server.)
  • CGIcast (Perl/CGI based
    Ogg audio streaming server)
  • OGMtools (Tool to
    create, store and inspect Ogg Vorbis audio streams)
  • Streamripper (Tool to
    store streamed MP3 broadcasts locally)
  • streamtuner (GTK+ based
    directory tool for retrieving audio streams from webservers. License:

- Audio Frameworks

- Audio Mixers

  • Aumix (Ncurses/GTK+ based audio mixer)
  • Alsamixer (Ncurses
    based audio mixer)
  • Lmixer (Very
    small command line audio mixer specifically for use in scripts)
  • gom (Ncurses
    based audio mixer)

- Audio Radio

  • GNU Radio
    (Create, send, receive and render/play channel modulation waveforms via
    software, and a setup of DAC/ADC hardware.)
  • Rivendell
    (Qt/MySQL based radio broadcast automation system, with support
    for ALSA and Audi*Science HPI)
  • LiNRADiO (Linux kernel driver and
    tools for using the WiNRADiO PC radio receivers card. Inactive project.)
  • tk92 (Tcl/Tk based GUI for
    interfacing with the Radio Sh*ck PRO-92 and PRO-2067 multi-system trunking
    radio canners. Inactive project.)
  • Gnomeradio (GNOME based
    GUI for FM radio tuner devices. Inactive project.)

- Speech Synthesis & Recognition

  • Speex (Patent-free voice codec)
  • Speech Dispatcher
    (Device-independent speech-synthesis interface)
  • Perlbox
    (Perl based voice command application framework)
  • Festival (A general
    multi-lingual text-to-speech system written in C++ and Scheme. License: BSD-style)
  • Flite (Relatively
    small speech synthesis engine aimed at embedded systems. Flite is a reimplentation
    of the core parts of the Festival architecture)
  • Epos (Language independent
    rule-driven text-to-speech system)
  • Sphinx
    (Speech recognition engine. Features: real-time, large vocabulary,
    speaker independent. License: BSD-style)
  • FreeSpeech
    (Initiative to create a speech recognition application framework.
    Inactive project.)
    (list=speechd [at] freebsoft [dot] org" class="external-link">ml)
  • Speaker
    (Text-to-speech plugin for Konqueror and Kate)
  • DDLinux
    (Free software based speech recognition mailing list)


- Video Codecs

  • Xvid (Free MPEG-4
    video codec implementation, however it is
    patent encumbered)
  • Theora (Patent-free,
    'MPEG-4 alternative' video codec, build for the
    Ogg multimedia framework.
    Theora is based on On2's VP3

    video code donation. Alpha status.)
    Tool for converting MPEG type files to Ogg Theora files)

- Video Encoders

  • Transcode
    (Collection of modular console tools for video and audio frame
    transformations, with support for many different video file formats)
    GTK+ based front-end for Transcode)
  • MEncoder
    (MPlayer's audio/video encoder)
    (KMEncoder KDE based
    frontend for MEncoder)
    (GMencoder GNOME based
    frontend for MEncoder)
    (mplayerTV TV viewer frontend)
  • ogmencoder
    (Perl based script to automatically convert a DVD to OGM using
    and Transcode
  • enix (xine's audio/video encoder.
    Alpha status.)
  • XawTV streamer (Command-line
    tool to capture video4linux video streams)
  • v4lgrab (KDE based
    tool for capturing video4linux video streams)
  • gv4l (GNOME based
    front-end for the video4linux functions of the
  • libmpeg2 (MPEG-2 video stream decoder)
  • libmpeg3
    (MPEG-1/2 video stream manipulation library)
  • Mjpeg (Tools to edit,
    playback and compress motion JPEG)
  • vobcopy
    (Tool to copy VOB files from a DVD)
  • dvd::rip (Perl/GTK+ based DVD to
    Xvid conversion application using transcode)
    (ripmake makefile
    generator for creating transcode based procedure scripts)
  • Drip (GNOME based DVD to
    Xvid conversion application using transcode)
  • QuickRip
    (Python/Qt based DVD to Xvid conversion application using Transcode and MEncoder)
  • AcidRip (Perl/GTK+
    based DVD to Xvid conversion application using Transcode and MEncoder)
  • dvd2iso
    (Perl script to backup a video DVD to an ISO image)
  • mkdvd
    (Pike based video DVD burning front-end tool, using: mplayer, mkisofs,
    dvdauthor and various other video tools)
  • NVrec (Video4Linux based video
    capture tool)
  • Fame (Video encoding toolset
    for MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 rectangular video and arbitrary shape)
  • Zapping (Collection of
    video related software for realtime video recording and playback)
  • VCDImager (Tools to create
    S/VCD's from MPEG video)
  • kavi2svcd
    (KDE based tool to convert an AVI file into MPEG, convert this file into a
    Video-CD file and burn it to a CD)
  • tosvcd (Tool to convert
    one or more recorded vdr files to a SVCD image file, ready for cdrdao to
  • MPEG4IP (Tools for
    encoding, streaming, and playing MPEG-4 audio and video. License:
    MPL and
    other licenses
    for the included third-party packages)

- Video Decoders

- Video CD & DVD Mastering Tools

- Video Editing Tools

- Video Streaming

  • FFmpeg

    (Multimedia encoder and streaming server with support for several
    audio and video file formats)

  • LiveMedia
    (C++ library set supporting multimedia streaming using RTP/RTCP and RTSP)

- Video Frameworks

  • GStreamer (Development framework
    for creating multimedia applications)
  • NMM
    ("Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware". Development
    framework for creating distributed multimedia applications)

- Television Tools

  • XawTV (Collection of
    video4linux related software, including a X11 and framebuffer TV
  • KWinTV
    (KDE based TV viewer based on XawTV)
  • tvtime (TV
    viewer with support for on-screen-display and de-interlacing)
  • mplayerTV
    (MPlayer based TV viewer frontend)
  • Zapping (GNOME based TV viewer)
  • DScaler (Tool for scaling
    and/or deinterlacing video signals)
    (Perl based tools to work with TV schedule listings stored in the XMLTV format)
  • Freevo
    (Python/SDL based PVR system, using MPlayer, mpg123 and NVRec)
    (freevix Freevo based GNU/Linux distribution)
  • MythTV (Qt based PVR system,
    using XMLTV and MySQL)

    based MythTV installation CD)

  • DaveDina (GNU/Linux system
    aimed to provide a audio/video system)
  • MoviX (Set of
    3 different bootable GNU/Linux CD's with software to provide
    a audio/video system)
  • ETV (SDL based PVR system,
    using XMLTV and MySQL. License: BSD-style)
  • eboxy
    (SDL/XML based C++ API for designing user interfaces for
    entertainment PC's with a TV screen and IR remote)
  • vcr (Command-line tool
    for capturing video from a video4linux-compatible video grabber card)
  • VDR

    (Real-time video recording for DVB receiver cards)

  • LinVDR
    (Real-time video recording for DVB receiver cards)
  • dvbd
    (Client/server system for using TV streams from DVB receiver cards)
  • nexTView (Teletext based TV
    program guide viewer)
  • VideoPLus
    (UK version for decoding the TV program numbering system, called Sh*wview)
  • Linux4.TV (TV set-top box software
    solution based on National Semiconductor hardware)
  • LinuxTV (Portal for digital
    TV receivers, DVD players and media streaming)
  • camsource (Flexible
    image grabbing daemon for video4linux devices.)

- Video Synthesis & Recognition

  • VideoQuery (Qt based
    application for automatic scene detection and query-by-example on a video
    database using an image similar to the scene you want to find
  • VXL (Computer vision library.
    License: BSD-style)
  • OpenCV (Intel's
    Computer Vision library. License: BSD-style)
  • ZoneMinder (GNU/Linux based video
    camera security system using video4linux, MySQL and PHP)
  • Motiontrack (Tool to detect
    motions of objects between 2 images, by comparing them pixelwise)

2D Drawing

- Image Codecs

- Image Editors

  • C based Image Manipulation Libraries (from the C section)
  • C++ based Image Manipulation Libraries (from the C++ section)
  • The GIMP ("GNU Image Manipulation Program". Advanced GTK+ based image editor)
    ("Grokking the GIMP"
    online GIMP book)
    interactive fractal creation plug-in)

    image analogy creation plug-in)
    (GEGL "Gimp E Graphical Library"
    - an image processing library)
    (Gimp-Python to
    write GIMP plug-ins in the Python language)

  • CinePaint
    (Film production specialized GIMP fork)
  • Panorama Tools
    (GIMP plugin to assemble a set of overlapping photographic images into
    one image)
    (hugin GTK+ based frontend)
    GTK#/Mono based control-point helper tool for
  • NetPBM (Collection of 220+
    tools for the manipulation of images, including conversion of images between
    more than 80 different file formats.)
  • ImageMagick (Collection of
    tools and libraries for the manipulation of images in more than 80 different
  • GraphicsMagick (Collection of
    tools and libraries for the manipulation of images in more than 80 different
    formats. GraphicsMagick is a code-fork of ImageMagick.)
  • AART (Tool to convert PNM
    (PGM, PBM, PPM) images into colored ASCII)
  • jpgtn (Console tool to create smaller
    JPEG files from larger ones)
  • DigicaMerge
    (Python based console tool to merge/rename directories of pictures taken with
    a digital camera)
  • ALE ("Anti-Lamenessing
    Engine". Tool for aligning and merging several similar images from a
    digitizing device into a single image to improve image quality.)
  • Comparametric (Collection
    of tools for creating "high dynamic range images")
  • exiftags (Utility to
    read the 'EXchangeable Image File' image metadata of JPEG files)
  • Hme (SDL based height-map editor
    for manipulating 2D bitmap files, which can later be used as input for 3D
    terrain maps in other applications)
  • ppm2html (C based
    PPM image to HTML converter)
  • SIP
    ("Scilab Image Processing". Image processing toolset for
    the non-free SciLab framework.)

- Vector/Diagram Tools

  • xsvg
    (Cairo based
    SVG rendering engine)
  • Inkscape (GNOME based
    SVG drawing tool.
    Code fork from Sodipodi.)
  • Sodipodi (GNOME based
    SVG drawing tool)
  • K2D ('KDE 2D' is a
    SVG based drawing tool)
  • Dia (GTK+ based
    diagramming tool which can export its data to the SVG and EPS file format)
  • potrace

    (Tool to convert a bitmap image into vector graphics.)
    Potracegui KDE based
    GUI frontend for potrace)

  • AutoTrace
    (Tool to convert a bitmap image into vector graphics.
    The optional "Frontine" tool is a GNOME based interface for AutoTrace.)
  • Sketch (Python/GTK+ based vector drawing
    program, with import/export support for several different file formats, including
  • Gestalter
    (GNOME based diagramming tool, with import support for
  • Kivio
    (KDE based diagramming tool with python support. Inactive project.)
  • Xfig
    (X based diagram drawing tool. License: BSD-style.)

- Image Viewers

- 2D CAD Tools

  • CAD-Linux (Mailing
    list to discuss CAD software on GNU/Linux)
  • PythonCAD (Python/GTK+ based 2D CAD program)
  • QCad (Qt based 2D CAD program)
  • ShapeTools (Tool
    to convert "Arc\Info Export" files, aka ".E00", to ESRI ShapeFile files)
  • xSpace
    (Ruby based CAD tool which aims at using common
    Un*x text tools for manipulating CAD data files. Alpha status.)

- Plotting & Graphing Tools

- Optical Character Recognition Tools

  • GOCR (OCR tool)
  • Kooka (KDE based raster image scan program
    with OCR support)
  • Clara OCR (OCR tool)
  • GNU Ocrad
    (OCR tool)
  • ocre (Optical character recognition tool)
  • Alphabet Soup (Tool
    to determine and hypothesize a number of things about the shapes of letters in several
    different writing systems)

-Image Synthesis & Recognition (excluding Fractal Image Rendering)

  • GIFT ('GNU Image-Finding
    Tool'. Client/server based image retrieval system which implements and
    suppports the MRML communication protocol)
  • Viper
    (PHP/MRML based image retrieval client,
    which works with GIFT)
  • imgSeek (Python/Qt based
    Image collection manager capable of searching through an image database, in which
    the query is expressed either as a rough sketch painted by the user or as another
    image you supply.)
  • zimg (C based
    tool to generate PNG/JPEG images from arbitrary formatted 2D ASCII
    or binary data. License: BSD-style)
  • Gmosaic
    (Gray-image-mosaic building tool from many other PGM images)
  • SINFG ("SINFG Is Not a Fractal
    Generator". GNOME/command-line based resolution-independent image
    manipulation tool, which uses layers with 'effects'.)
  • PIG
    (Pluggable Image Generator. GTK+ based tool for creating static images
    via a plugin interface)
  • mondriaan
    (GTK+ based tool for generatiing images resembling certain paintings of Piet
    Mondriaan. Inactive project.)
  • IFSgr
    ('Iterated function system' renderer which creates 2D grayscale images)
  • imagespace
    (Qt based tool for generating images via manipulation
    of mathematical function parameters)
  • g3data
    (GTK+ based tool for extracting data from graph images)

- Cellular Automata Rendering

  • Cellumat3D
    (GTK+ based tool for exploring 3D cellular automata)
  • MCA
    ("Mandelbrot Cellular Automaton". GTK+ based fractal generation
    program for the Mandelbrot set, which can use cellular automata

- Fractal Image Rendering

  • XaoS
    (Flexible and interactive fractal zooming application)
  • L-system Explorer
    (GTK+ based tool for viewing and creating
    L-system fractals)
    (Small command-line tool for creating
    L-system fractals
    which can be written to PostScript, POV-Ray or raw-data files)
  • Fract-O-Rama
    (Qt based fractal generation program)
  • FracPlanet
    (Qt based tool for creating random fractal planets and terrain areas.
    The output can be saved in the POV-Ray file format.)
  • Gnofract 4D

    (GTK+ based fractal generation program. License: BSD-style)

  • Quat
    (FLTK based 3D-Julia-set-fractal generation program using
    quaternion numbers
    which are a type of
    hypercomplex number)
  • Deep Zoom
    (High precision and high resolution fractal generation program which
    can find 'relatively active' fractal areas)
  • Gmandel (GTK+ based
    fractal generation program for the Mandelbrot set, which can use
    SMP systems and network clusters using PVM or MPI)
  • Gfract (GTK+ based
    fractal generation program for the Mandelbrot and Julia sets)
  • Xrsf ("really simple
    fractal" generator. Xlib/SVGAlib based fractal generation program
    for the Mandelbrot set)
  • Flea (Ruby scripts for creating
    L-system fractals
    which can be written to POV-Ray files)

3D Drawing

3D Engines & Game Development Kits


  • CAD-Linux (Mailing
    list to discuss CAD software on GNU/Linux)
    (X11/Tk based
    Solid modelling toolset)
  • Varkon (CAD system to develop and run
    CAD based applications. Varkon supports parametric modelling methods.)
  • FreeCAD (Qt
    based CAD system)
  • gCAD3D (GTK+
    based CAD system. Alpha status.)
  • Fandango (KDE/Python
    based CAD system. Alpha status.)
  • lignumCAD (Qt and OpenCascade
    based furniture design tool which uses parametric-solid modelling methods)
  • leoCAD (Qt based CAD tool which
    can use a 1000+ different 3D building blocks)
  • G-House 3D (GNOME based tool
    for creating simple 3D models of a house. Inactive project.
    License: Artistic license)

- 3D Modelling & Animation Applications

- 2D/3D File Viewers

  • LX-Viewer (Qt based tool
    for viewing DXF and DWG files)
  • Mesh Viewer
    (Qt based tool for viewing triangular mesh files using Op*nGL rendering.
    Mesh Viewer supports several 3D file formats: VRML1/2, GTS, Pmesh,
    Feature file and List file.)

- 3D Photo-realistic Rendering

  • YafRay
    ("Yet Another Free RAYtracer". Photo-realistic rendering system.)
  • Aqsis

    (Photo-realistic rendering system)

  • Chromium
    (Framework for distributed, real-time, rendering. License: BSD-style)
  • AniTMT

    (Distributed rendering of 3D animations)

  • GMan
    (Photo-realistic rendering system)
  • POV-Ray ("Persistence of Vision".
    Advanced raytracing tool. The license is currently non-free, but there are
    plans on rewriting some 'non-transferable-copyrighted' code, for the next
    release, to be able to release POV-Ray under a more liberal license.
    Lets hope that really happens.)

    collection of unofficial POV-Ray extensions)

  • KPovModeler
    (KDE based modeller for creating POV-Ray scenes)
  • QTPov Editor
    (Qt based POV-Ray file editor)

Light Control

  • DMX4Linux
    protocol supporting lighting controller software, which consists
    of a Linux kernel module and a set of DMX controller tools)
  • QLC (Q Light Controller. Qt based
    lighting controller software using DMX4Linux.)
  • Light8 (DMX
    supporting lighting controller software)

Multimedia Data Archives

- General

- Music

- Images

- Video

- Games

Geographical Data


  • Games (from the Games section)