Why Online Poker Sites Offer Huge Bonuses To New Players

The number of online poker sites is increasing. Poker is one of the most played games online where people get a chance to win lots of cash and bonuses. The online poker sites need your business. This is why they have special sign up bonuses for new players. This is one way of attracting new players to the site and to increase their customer base. Once a player starts to play poker online, there is no doubt that he will be visiting the site often as there is enough money on offer to lure him.

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What is Poker Sign-up Bonus?

In order to attract new players to their poker site, most of the online poker sites offer attractive sign up bonuses. A sign up bonus is nothing but free money for you to start to play poker on a site. The poker sign up bonus will be yours if you make a small deposit. The poker sites want to make sure that you play for a few hands on their site and this is why they offer the option of matching your deposit amount. So, for example, if you deposit $200, the poker site will provide $200 from their side. This way you will be able to come to the poker table with more chips.

Difference of Bonuses

You will find that the online poker bonuses differ from one site to the other. There are many things that you need to consider when comparing two poker sites. You should look at two of these factors mainly. They are the size and the clearing requirements. Most of the new online poker rooms will be offering huge welcome or sign-up bonuses to attract new poker players. The more established ones would offer bonuses for new players, but their main concern would be to attract their current crop of players. Hence, they offer better recurring bonuses than welcome bonuses. You can opt for any of these sites. You will get more information on the new poker sites when you visit online poker news.

The main thing is to consider is the clearing requirements.

The established poker sites will offer smaller bonus payouts with easy clearing requirements as they are fully aware that they can clear the payouts without any issues.

The new online poker sites will look to settle wagering requirements that you will find it a bit difficult to meet. This is why the bonuses differ so much.

Types of Bonuses

There are many types of bonuses on offer from leading and giant online poker sites. The first deposit bonus is the most common type. This is offered to sign up to a poker room for the very first time. The reload bonus is a smaller bonus than the sign up bonus. They have great value to poker players. The bonus amount and the time period vary from site to site.


There are many bonuses that would like quite attractive. But in reality, you will find out that it is not what you had expected.