The Importance Of N95 Masks

For health care professionals, wearing the right preventive gears is a crucial precaution that should be observed all the time. This will help them to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria. In this time of pandemic, health care workers or also called as front liners are more exposed to the virus. Hence, it is very important that they protect themselves from the spread of the virus that they may get from the patients by wearing all the preventive devices and gears. One of the most important gears that medical professionals should be wearing is the N95 masks. This kind of mask is designed specifically for workers. Health organizations keep on advising the public not to use N95 masks as these are critical supplies that should only be reserved for medical professionals.

One of the main benefits of using N95 masks is that it provides unparalleled protection. N95 mask is not an ordinary brand. Over time, N95 masks has been tested in pandemic preparedness studies. According to the results of the study, N95 masks provide enough [protection against many substances and diseases. Technically speaking, N95 masks provide 99.9% viral filtration efficiency, 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency and 99.5% particle filtration efficiency. Another benefit of N95 masks is that it is usually packaged into boxes of 29 units. The packaging is also hygienic because it is individually bagged and they are ideally sized to fit inti a pocket. 

Lastly, N95 masks are also proven to be allergy-free and fuss free. This kind of mask is a latex, POVC and silicone free so it is also suitable for people who have sensitivities to some kinds of materials. 

With all of these benefits of N95 respirator masks, it is no doubt that it is the right preventive mask that health care professionals use to protect them from any virus or bacteria.