What Do You Need to Know For Your Car Driving Test?

Defensive driving is an art which many want to master. And one sure way to learn the art of responsible driving is enrolling into a safe driver service in Dubai for its course lessons and car driving test.

What Includes in the Driving Course Licence Test?

The only way to get a driving course licence is to pass the driving test. Your driving school will register for its three driving tests – Theory Test, Yard Parking Exam and Finally Risk Recognition Test

The Theory test will contain 35 questions in total to test your road knowledge, awareness of road hazards, proper trailing distance and the common road signs and signals.

  • The first segment will consist of 17 questions (mainly quizzing you about different traffic scenarios).  It’s best to attempt all. But if you can’t, then you have to answer at least 11 of them to clear this stage.
  • The second segment will consist of 18 questions (mainly focussing on driving licencing specifics). You at least need to get 12 of them correct to pass and move over the RTA road test.

The Risk Recognition test will consist of a host of videos depicting various environments. And the questions will be about how you tackle the road hazards in those conditions. The test will be on a computer-screen either in Arabic or English. However, those unfamiliar with either of these languages can take up the test orally.

What Documents Are Needed For Your Driving Test?

The Emirates only needs its valid Emirates ID holders to apply for the course. However, the rules vary for ex-pats. For a foreigner in Dubai wanting to take up a driving test, s/he will have to submit the following –

  • Passport with a copy of their VISA page
  • Emirates ID – both copy and original
  • At least 8 passports sized photos 
  • And your eye-test reports

Some Tips to Clear the RTA Theory And Road Test

To Clear the RTA Theory Test –

  • You must proper read through your RTA handbook
  • Learn all traffic and road signs by heart
  • Take lots of mock tests to know where you stand 

To Clear the Yard Parking Test

  • You need to learn and practice about slope/hill parking
  • About garage parking (90 degrees)
  • Angle parking (60 degrees)
  • Parallel parking
  • And how to properly use emergency brakes 

To Clear the Road Test 

  • Maintaining a trailing distance of 3-seconds 
  • Maintaining a modest speed limit 
  • Adjusting viewing mirrors and fastening on the seat belt
  • Changing lanes by looking at both sides 
  • And checking blind spots before giving out any signs or using indicators 
  • Refraining from hard braking 
  • Waiting for 3-seconds at T-junction or stop line before slowly entering
  • Properly parking the car as the examiner asks you
  • Whenever reaching the main road or intersection stopping at the STOP sign or RED signal. Even if the lanes appear clear, waiting for 3-seconds before heading out.
  • Obeying the instructor and not questioning their instructions.


The cost of a driving licence course and the test may vary from AED 4,000 to AED 7,000 depending on which school you enrol. And if you fail, then you will need to take up seven classes of extra training prior to the road test. And for that, you may need to spend again.