Some Facts That Is Important To Know About Deer Hunting In The Rutting Season!

Deer hunting is the passion of many people. It has been a culture since ancient times. There are many reasons why people have been doing deer hunting for carrying out deer hunting successfully. You should have a killing license, so you are not caught in any trouble. In this article, we will discuss when is rut season for deer. 

Understanding the rut season of the deer

Sometimes the hunters might have noticed the unique behavior of the deer that remains unusual. This occurs because of the beginning of their rut phase. Rutting of deer is described as a period where they are most horny as the testosterone level in their body increases. All this time, it is noticed that they behave abnormally and hence get hunted easily. When they are in the rut season, they rub their horns again, the bark of the trees, wimple in mud, etc. there are different rutting phases. They are described below. 

Different phases of the rut

Since rutting is considered the deer’s peak hunting season, it is important to know when to start looking for the deer. However, there are different phases of rutting that the male deer go through. These are described below:

  • Pre-rut, it starts from the middle to late October
  • Seeking from late October to the middle of November
  • Chasing from early to the mid of November
  • Trending
  • Post rut from late November to the end of month
  • Second rut

The hunters need to understand why hunting should take place in the rut season of the deer. This is because, in this particular mating season, they act differently and get hunted easily. To understand properly when is rut season for deeryou can refer to the details stated above.