Social Media For Your Business

When it comes to small and local businesses, social media often takes a far backseat. Many times those companies who do take the step and jump into social media often relegate the tasks to a lower-level employee who does not have the power to act on what they are monitoring. Ineffective. Missed opportunities.

Metrics are important when measuring what is most profitable for a business but when it comes to social media, not everything can be measured. I believe it’s value lies in so many variables that while you can measure hits on a link and number of tweets RT’d you can’t measure the importance of your brand’s pressence every day in the E-Universe. You just have to be there and you have to have a steady presence. The medium is still unfolding but is the THE place you will want to be and now is the time to stake your claim and make your mark.

One of the scary things about social media, (at least for many small businesses), is the concern that one of your employee’s may not properly represent your company in the online arena. Because of this, some employers prefer the majority of their employee’s not enter into the social realm on their behalf. They may even punish someone who posts something deemed inapproapropriate. I understand this to some extent.

However, the online world moves fast and errors and mistakes give an opportunity to be real, to make real adjustments and to show respect and tolerance to someone who tried but messed up anyway. We are all human and in the social jungle, people want to see people treat each other with respect and an understanding that we all screw up and all need to be forgiven. That way we all learn to do better – together.

It is rare that an employee who is tweeting or writing a Facebook post about their company will mess up and misstate something. They want to keep their job. They want to get ahead. If you offer a positive work environment and a creative atmosphere where ingenuity is embraced and appreciated, your workers will be your best ambassadors. Let them sing and shout about your business! People on the web are listening and want to know what your employee’s have to say.


Social Media has become a bedrock of business. You must have a presence and it must be strong. It should be monitored by someone who is business/PR/marketing-savvy and embraced by your entire staff.


Social Media has great value for your company. Some of this can be measured. Some CANNOT. Comfort yourself in knowing that you don’t want to join the great universal conversation 3 years from now after everyone else has jumped in and figured out their place and voice. You will be far behind if you wait. For more information, check here.