Electronic Cigarettes: The Safest Way To Quit

It is common knowledge that cigarettes are dangerous and unhealthy. Over 4,000 chemicals are contained in a single puff of smoke when tobacco is burned and most of these are carcinogenic chemicals. It is also extremely difficult to stop the habit due to these chemicals which are extremely addictive. The onset of the addiction stems from the ‘high’ you get from smoking a cigarette – nicotine is what creates this effect. Holding a cigarette in your hand becomes a social norm and repetitive inhaling and exhaling of smoke train the brain into developing a habit. Electronic Cigarettes have grown immensely popular because they allow the user to continue the habitual behaviors while still receiving the ‘high’ from the nicotine – but without the rest of the poison! Along with that, you can also add Snus to your e-cigarettes. Snus is a pasteurized component that is much safer than most of the common elements that are there in cigarettes. 

Electronic cigarettes are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Many electronic cigarettes are created to mimic the look and size of traditional cigarettes, which are popular with people new to vaping and want to simulate the smoking experience as closely as possible. Often-times, later on down the road, they will upgrade to a bigger electronic cigarette for a more efficient vape. The lack of harmful chemicals is the main advantage of using electronic cigarettes over regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are still pretty new today, but they are quickly gaining prominence in the market; many studies are being released showing that they are proven to not be harmful to your health. A recent study also shows that electronic cigarettes have a way higher success rate as a quit smoking aid than any other traditional smoking cessation product. When a smoker decides is time to quit and tries electronic cigarettes, they often find they are satisfied to the point where they no longer crave a traditional cigarette at all. Many never look back. The ability to choose the level of nicotine is also a huge plus among electronic cigarette users. Not just on one, but multiple levels, because many electronic cigarettes now have the capability of adjusting the voltage level so you can control the level of nicotine you are taking in.

E-liquids for electronic cigarettes also come in an endless list of flavors, limited only to the imaginations of the creators; your choice of eLiquid is all dependant on your taste buds. You can choose an e-liquid for your electronic cigarette and later change flavors on a whim. You can even mix eLiquid to create your own unique flavor if you want. Electronic cigarettes also allow you to save a whole lot of money that you would have spent buying the actual cigarettes, money that can be put to better use while preserving your health at the same. All in all, electronic cigarettes are proven by many to be one of the best, most effective ways for smokers that wish to quit.