Making Money Online: Using Craigslist to Make Money with Focus Groups

Craigslist is really an incredible resource to help you make money online. I suppose you could have gotten the same information from the Sunday classifieds but, let’s be honest, you never looked through all of those ads, did you? With Craigslist, you can search, scan, whatever, and there’s more information in the listing.

My latest Craigslist makes money online thing is the use of focus groups. If you do a search under the etc. tab, and you live in a moderately sized city, you can find many focus group opportunities. Even if you’re near a smaller city, there is still usually one company that does it. Moreover, with Evergreen Wealth Formula free download you can get all that on your mobile phone, making it really convenient for you. 

I went to a focus group recently on the subject of wine. I found the listing on Craigslist, filled out their questionnaire through an email, and received a call from one of their reps. They had a few additional questions, basically about whether I was available at a certain time, whether I worked in market research (hint- say no to that one), and confirmed my age. Different studies are looking for different characteristics. I’ve gotten callbacks to three focus groups, but this was the first one I qualified for.

So, I showed up at their office, sat in the waiting room for five minutes, and then was brought into the conference room with five other people. The great thing was that, since they only needed six participants, they had intentionally overbooked in case someone didn’t show up. So there were two people who didn’t even have to sit through the focus group, but who still got paid.

Anyway, it was an hour and a half session talking about different wines- what you drank, in what setting, with what guests. Then, they pulled out a half dozen wines and we commented on the labeling. They brought new ones out a few more times, and we just basically shared our thoughts. Easy way to make money online. Well, at least the Craigslist part was online. At the end, they gave us $100 in cash, validated our parking, and sent us on our way. The only disappointing part of it was that they kept the wine.

Normally you can only do one focus group every few months with a specific company, but in many cities, there are three or four companies. So, you spread it out among them. Look on Craigslist for the focus group listings, don’t be afraid to send the emails out and if there are Web sites for the company, sign up there as well. I’ve been doing this for a few months and haven’t gotten any spam or unnecessary phone calls from it. $100 cash for two total hours of my time, including travel. You could do worse.