A Reflection on Bux.To (and Other Pay to Click Sites)

I came across Bux.to while looking for a way to make some extra cash online. I am a student with a little debt and I was looking for a way to help ease that anxiety.

I joined Bux.to, and very shortly after (about 3 days), I gave into all of the hype and bought a premium membership with 100 referrals for $139.00. I am glad to say that I have recovered that money several times over, in theory.

My original thoughts were that I would earn $10-$12 each day from those referrals. That happened at the beginning, but now I’m earning between $3-$5 generally. This makes sense because some referrals just give up and stop clicking. If my original estimations were true, I’d have $730 – $876 in my account now, instead of $405, but $405 is NOTHING to complain about.

Along the way, I have learned several things about this type of income

There can be great fluctuations in income. Some days I’ve earned $50, some $0. It’s pretty crazy and it’s all up to luck    Things require patience. No, I didn’t just learn that, but I am reminded of it every day when someone comes on the Bux.to forum or posts on their blog that Bux.to is a scam because their payments are delayed. I am informed and have kept up with it, so I know my payment will be late. This leads me to my next point.    Information is important. Keeping up with what is going on is always a good thing. Not doing so would be the same as not keeping track of your investments, and having no idea about how well or poorly they are doing.    Bux.to becomes an obsession. I wish I would’ve known this earlier. The day after I invested, I couldn’t sleep because all I thought about was how much money I could make. This thrill lasted almost 2 weeks. Now, I still think about it, but not as much. I initially started out saying Bux.to only took about 20 minutes a day to deal with. While that is true when it comes to clicking ads, I spend much more time on the forum than that.    For the amounts I am earning now, it’s not worth my time. For all of the time I’ve put in, I could have gotten a real job. I suppose I do have fun with this, and it is Easy work, but in reality, I could have $400 in my hands right now. Thats not to say that in the future I won’t be making more. In fact, I hope to make a lot more. Don’t take this to mean that I don’t think Bux.to is a valid source of income. It’s just not something I would do for my primary income.    Money in my account isn’t real money. Right now, 73 days in, I am still down $139 from the money I invested. Once I get my payment, that will change, but until then, I have nothing real to show. A visit at https://www.evergreenwealthformula.com/new/ site to know about online fashion courses to get effective results can be done. The payment should be made with security methods for the benefit. The investment should be done at the right field to get effective results with the right decision. Nothing is left behind to increase the profits.