The Top Television Shows on TV Right Now

There are a lot of shows on television. This is not a particularly profound statement, merely a true one. Your TiVo can store a lot of shows and even picks shows for you. If you’re not careful, however, it might pick things you are not remotely interested in. For those of you like me who have yet to make the leap into the land of TiVo then the choice of television shows is even more critical.

Well, fortunately for you I am often paid to be a critic. Thankfully I have been able to be a critic for television, DVDs, movies, music and books. That’s the great thing about the internet.

Here are my suggestions for your viewing pleasure. Some of these you may want to add to your TiVo listings. Some of you may just want to check some of these shows out.


the first day of the work week ends with some of the best television you can find. Yes, there is hope for you football fans as well even when it isn’t football season. First, you need to check out Fox. “Prison Break” is on first. This is the most ridiculous television show on the airwaves these days but it is also the most compulsively watchable. The plot veers from the ridiculous to the ludicrous and it twists and turns enough to give you whiplash. At the same time I defy you to find a villain more intense or compelling than Teabag. The timings of programs are provided as a list at link. The twists and turn information is provided to the audience for the live broadcast. The spending of the time and efforts at the live broadcasts should be less to get effective results. The engagement of the audience should be high at the television for watching the serials. 

Just after that show is one of the finest on television “24.” Jack Bauer is still managing to save the world while screaming into a cell phone at the same time. The problem is that “24” is also on at the same time the greatest show on television currently also happens to be on.

“Heroes” is the biggest hit of the season no matter how much CBS tries to convince you that horrible James Woods lawyer show is. It has great characters. It has a great plot. It has great villains. There have been times when I wanted to cheer. It has Masi Oka as the character Hiro and right there is almost enough.

Thankfully I hear NBC has done away with the horrible and dreadfully dull “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” Never has there been a show with more people you could care less about talking longer and more inanely about things you couldn’t care less about.


the viewing on Tuesday can be summed up in one word: “House.” I have no idea why a show about a person so mean and completely unlikable should also be the most compelling and fantastic medical show (that actually seems to be about medicine SEE: Thursday) on television. Hugh Laurie is fantastic. His character manages to be a louse while also managing to show that he deeply cares about the people around him. He is profoundly wounded and puts on airs about being miserable and wanting to make people around him miserable because of his pain but he always finds the cure. Yes, and he finds them in the last ten minutes of each show. The other wonderful thing to watch on this show is the gorgeous Jennifer Morrison who also happens to be from my home town of Chicago. The more we can see of her and the sooner we can see it the better. My advice for Tuesday is to avoid anything with the words “American” and “Idol” in the title. It is the most vile awful hateful show to ever exist ever and that includes all of Howard Stern’s shows and the Chevy Chase talk show.


This night has two great shows. You cannot go wrong with NBC’s “Friday Night Lights.” High school football has never been this watchable and characters in high school have never been this interesting. By using mostly no-named young actors in this show the show has a genuineness that is lacking in most other shows. You actually care about these people and whether or not the team wins. I never thought I would like this show and now I can’t stop it. If only they would actually put it on Friday nights to stop confusing people.

Then comes “Lost” on ABC. This show stumbled out of the block at the beginning of the season and then it had its rather strange Fall break. Now it is back and it came leaping out of the gate. The show has some kind of sense of urgency about it that is making it hugely entertaining again. I can’t wait for this show every week and an hour still does not fly by as fast as it does while watching this show


This is the night that TiVo was invented for. NBC has the only two comedies that are worth watching on television. “My Name is Earl” was a show I thought was doomed from the start and instead fell in love with the characters. I had no idea Jaime Pressley could be that funny but she is amazing. Not only is she gorgeous she can tell a joke and has comic timing as good as any comedic actress ever.

This is followed by “The Office” and never has working been this entertaining. I have two television crushes going on right now and one of them is Jenna Fischer who plays Pam Beesly. She manages to look very plain but still gorgeous. Steve Carell is always hilarious. They have brought in guest directors this season and made them even funnier.

At the same time these shows are on, however, there is a show on the new CW network called “Smallville.” Yes, this is a comic book show and it’s about Superman. It has been a little hit and miss as of late but when this show really hits it hits hard. This season, however, this show has introduced some periphery characters who were in danger of being more interesting than Superman and Clark Kent. This was Green Arrow, Ollie Queen. I now wish they would create a Green Arrow television show. Green Arrow also formed the JLA with Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg. Demerits for renaming Flash Impulse but if they are planning a spin off with this team I am all for it.

As for the rest of the week, well, that’s why you should have either video tapes or TiVo, I guess. That is also what Cable is made for. If worse comes to worst there is always a Law and Order on any night and these are usually pretty good. Saturday night has “SNL” but that is so hit or miss that you never know what you are going to get.

My advice on those night is to continue to avoid anything with “American” and “Idol” in the title. I would also avoid things with only two letters in the title such as the “O.C.” but you shouldn’t have to worry about that show for much longer. I am also calling a moratorium on anything written by Aaron Sorkin until he starts becoming addicted to something else and gets his creative spark back. Happy watching!