How to Change the Font in Your Myspace Profile

It can be boring using the same colors and fonts in your Myspace profile. Every profile is the same, but you can make yours different easily! Don’t you think it would be awesome to have famous fonts in your Myspace profile? Don’t you think people will like to see your page with cool looking font? Wouldn’t it be nice to get compliments on your page?

I will tell you how to make your color and font different. It really not hard at all. It’s pretty simple actually. You can change the size of your font, the color, and the styles. What you need to do is just copy and paste certain codes and then your page will be different than all the rest of them.

What you need to do now is do a Google search. Type out “customize text” in Google search and you will be able to find codes to change your font size, color, and style.

These codes will do your Myspace page wonders and your friends and people you don’t know will like your new Myspace profile. They will be like wow, how did you do that.

So after you find the codes to change your font you will need to log into your Myspace account and click edit Myspace profile. When you’re in the edit mode you can change anything in your Myspace profile. What you need to do now is find some text you want to edit and then look for different codes you like and use them.

Copy and Paste the codes on your page and try to remember where you put them. If you think you might forget, just write down in your notebook or a piece of paper what part of your Myspace profile you changed the code around. This will help you in case you don’t like the code you used and you want to fix it up. Then you can find the change easily and change it again until your happy with it. When your happy with what you have you will need to press save to save your changes. But make sure to always remember where you changed any fonts or coding around in case you still don’t like it. This will save you time and frustration. It will make things much easier for you.

When you are all done editing your page and changing the fonts around, enjoy your page. You can always look for new tutorials and how-to guides to make more changes to your profile if you like. I will definitely write some new tutorials. So make sure to check back for some more in the near future. Enjoy your unique Myspace profile.