3 Secrets that Will Make You More Money with Freelance Writing

Writing is a gift, a gift that not everyone has. Those of us that have been blessed with such a talent can use it to make a living. Freelance writing is a large business for many reasons. Even before the internet and article marketing, writing copy for books and magazines was in high demand. Companies and corporations know that it is crucial to have smart and correct content to brand their company. With this being said, there are a few secrets that will step your freelance writing career up to the next income bracket. The income of the person will be increased if they rely on freelancing writing as there will be premium writing. For further information, a check at this review will be beneficial for the person. 

The three essential things that every freelance writer must focus on are writing, rewriting and marketing. If you can find a way to do all of these things in unison it will change your writing career along with your bank account.

Write, Write and Write More

Obviously, sitting down and writing is the first step in becoming a successful freelancer. There is nothing to market or sell if you have nothing written. Start out by writing quality articles on topics that you are passionate about. These will become articles that you can sell to clients or use as samples when trying to market yourself. Even after you have landed writing jobs you will have to continuously write while marketing and rewriting.

Rewriting is Key

An article or piece of content should never be released without being rewritten. Rewriting is the process of going over an article that has been written and improving it. Surprisingly, the rewriting process almost always gives a piece more character and flare. This process is not fun but it will help you push your writing to the next level. One of the worst things you can do is to provide a client a sloppy article. Avoid this situation all together by rewriting your articles!

Market Yourself

Potential clients are not going to come to you. How are they going to find you if you are sitting at your kitchen table writing away? They can’t. You have to go looking for work. Look at it like you are going out to get business. You will spend a lot of time doing this as a freelance writer so make sure you do it well. Provide potential clients with sample pieces and a portfolio or resume. Document all past experience and get references from previous clients. You are trying to sell you. If can’t convince yourself how good you are then how are you possibly going to convince a potential client?

This element of freelance writing will never stop, just like writing and rewriting. You will witness your income exponentially increasing if you can balance these three elements of freelance writing.