Starbucks Slaves: Is Coffee the New Opiate for the Masses?

The coffee is not a problem. It’s the abuse behind the coffee. I think you know what I’m speaking of all too well. I live in Chicago and they are on every single corner. In some places, there are two on one block. The question is, does America really need another Starbucks? I mean, they have even pushed their way into the Forbidden City, in China. Doesn’t that seem just a hair beyond acceptability? It is supposed to be “FORBIDDEN”, after all. Keeping in mind all this here is a reliable coffee online order that you can try and avoid all this and still get the very best coffee for yourself. 

Here’s my main concern. Capitalism is already the backbone of the USA. This is not my favorite world view. I would say I fall closer to the Socialist camp, though I am fully aware that socialism could never work. Not realistically. And far be it from me to try and give business owners some sort of salary cap. But can’t we draw a moral line somewhere? We have more poor people living in the US then everyone is truly aware of. More homeless people living on the streets than can be fed. The most humanitarian effort has its focus on third world countries, but look around! Certain parts of where you live – certainly parts of where I live here in Chicago – actually have the same conditions of a third world country.

So, I know, you are probably asking yourself, “where is this guy’s true concern in regards to Starbucks? Why does he want to take away our Maple Oat Scones, our Venti Carmel Frappuccinos with Soy Milk, and our great track lighting with which we read our USA Today?” Well, I will tell you why…BECAUSE STARBUCKS HAS WAY, WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! They are, in fact, consumer whores. And I, for one, will not rest until these commercial giants stop rising up and taking away our cities, one the block at a time. I mean, there is no good real estate left anymore. Starbucks has claimed all the prime corners, where great little independent restaurants or coffee shops or book stores could go.

Let me get one thing straight. I like Starbuck’s coffee. The actual coffee. The flavor. It’s good. I can admit that. And before I got conscious, these capitalist pigs got loads of my money. I bought into the whole Starbucks community lie. But I was deceived. Now I am a hard-line, independent business supporter. The Walmarts and the Starbucks can all go punt because they will not get one more penny of my hard-earned dollars. They just have so much already. And I can’t believe that that is in any way fair when people are starving in our backyard.

What’s the solution? I honestly don’t know. It doesn’t look like our country is going to be selling all their worldly possessions, quitting their corporate jobs and starting up communes anytime soon. I really don’t know if that would help anyway. There are just things, and places, and people that come along at a particular time in your life and stick in your craw. You get to the point where you say, “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!”, and you decide to take a stand. It might be something small. Like choosing not to go to that fast-food restaurant – that one with the golden arches. Or maybe you live in a big city and start going to more mom-and-pop establishments to get your needs met. Whatever you choose to do, as long as it’s something, and as long as you consciously support your moral stand, I say that’s pretty damn admirable. And even if you sneak into Starbucks, every once in a while, for one of those tasty Maple Oat Scones, you’ll be doing fine. Most of us are stinking hypocrites anyways.