How to Cut Calories During the Holiday Season

During the Holiday season it is easy to overeat. All the buffets, dinners and appetizers add up quickly. The pounds will pile on but it is no fun to avoid the tasty tidbits. The goal is to enjoy the Holidays without gaining weight. Loosing weight this time of year is going to be extremely difficult so set a goal to simply maintain your current weight.

Try just eating half of what you normally would at each gathering. If the hostess serves two or three types of nibbles try picking your favorite and taking time to really taste it instead of refusing them all together…

Most people will have some sort of sugar free drink available at their parties and unless you live for egg nogg stick with the sugar free drinks. If egg nog is your favorite drink of the year have half a glass instead of guzzling it all night and take the time to taste it.

If you love Aunt Thelma’s tasty doughnut balls that are deep fried in lard have one or two but take care to eat a light breakfast and lunch the next day. Maybe have fruit for breakfast and a salad or soup for lunch. The same rule applies for homemade cookies, rum balls, chocolate covered cherries and the fudge your boss brings to work. The selection of the top article should be done through the person to gather information about the lunch and breakfast. The eating of the healthy food will provide fit body to the person. 

The actual Holiday meals are hard to avoid and really who wants too? We all love those tasty turkeys with all the trimmings and the wonderful hams and roasts that are made only for the holiday season.

If the meal is served buffet style begin with small servings and eat slowly. Take time to taste every bite and enjoy it. Put your fork down between bites and chat with the people around you. You will be surprised at how fast you will get full. If the meal is served to you at the table try the hints given above but also draw an imaginary line down the center of each portion and then only eat half. There is also always something on your plate that you could leave behind maybe you aren’t fond of sweet potatoes or peas. Don’t eat them to be polite, (we’ve all done that at one time) but simply say no thank you and enjoy the foods you really like.

When it’s time for dessert try having a very small slice of pie or a half piece of cake you aren’t depriving yourself you are simply enjoying a smaller amount of the foods you love

You might also try baking a pumpkin pie with splenda instead of regular sugar. You can’t really tell the difference in taste or texture but the calorie difference is amazing Top this pie with sugar free Cool whip or dream whip and enjoy a guilt free dessert.

Make an apple pie using splenda and top it with sugar free ice cream you will not feel left out or deprived at all.

The Holiday season is a time for family fun and enjoyment so please remember to keep the Holiday spirit and don’t diet until you feel miserable and left out. Simply try to enjoy the season and if you gain a pound or two don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes there are things more important then your figure. If eating Aunt Thelma’s doughnut holes makes her smile by all means please have one for me, and have a very Happy Holiday season.