Should International Travelers Bring High Technology Gadgets on Trips?

International travel means the traveler will go through one or more trips through security and through passport control. To survive the experience, travelers will want to plan ahead and pack light with a minimal amount of excess high technology toys. Depending on the location the traveler is visiting, the high technology items might work well or no. In Peru, we were promised limited battery charging and got it, but not enough to keep everything operating. Be aware of the difficulties faced by high technology desires when visiting international locales and plan ahead. And if you are considering tech gadgets for your trip and want to choose the best gadgets that will make your trip more smooth then here is the list of top 10 items that you can consider for your trip. Along with that, there is where you can read about the use of these amazing gadgets in detail.

Electronic Translators Help Bridge the Gap of Language when Trouble Occurs During International Travel

In Portugal, my husband was required to convey the problem of a vehicle light going on to a mechanic at the fuel station. My husband speaks Spanish, but not local Spanish variants nor Portuguese and Portuguese word similarities to Spanish words may not mean the same thing. Luckily he had on hand a pocket dictionary but a high technology equivalent would weigh less and provide multiple languages. Popular choices range in price from $200-300:


Lingo Ambassador 40

Power Converters are Required when Using Appliances Brought from Home on International Trips

My nightmare international travel event occurred when I attempted to use my blow dryer in a hotel in Greece. When the circuit breaker blew, I had to walk downstairs to the lobby in my pink robe since I couldn’t see well enough to change. Here are two power converters that might save you this embarrassment for a cost ranging in price from $20-50:


HiLo Transformer Kit

Battery Chargers and Spare Batteries Ensure Your High Technology Gadgets Work Internationally

It turned out that my battery charger actually worked in China, but oh woe, I forgot the spare batteries and the charger. My photography ended abruptly. Most spare battery chargers and batteries are sold by the company that built your gadget, go directly to their web page to find the proper device.

Digital Camera Help Store Your Memories of that Special International Travel Trip

Digital cameras come in a variety of types, from portable pocket-sized cameras and standard digital SLR cameras to underwater cameras. Read Best Digital and Digital SLR Cameras for Underwater, Scenic and Adventure Travel.

International Internet Connection Requires Cable or and International Internet Café

If you expect to connect to internet cable service bring a cable along just in case they aren’t provided, Radio Shack offers them for about $20. Many international countries have internet cafes where you pay by the hour. Be sure to bring SD Chips, CDs and Floppies in case you need to upload or download data.

Radio Shack

GPS Devices Can Provide More Recent City Road Map Information and Point You North

If you’re driving or hiking or walking a city route, a GPS device can be the answer. Check ahead to make sure that you can access the area where you’re traveling on the GPS device, or buy one that allows you to buy and download specific map data. The GPS may have an indicator that will point toward the north.

Here are several popular choices ranging from $150-400 but hiking ones may cost less:



Wireless Telephones May Not Be Necessary But What About Your Contact Information?

Choose a wireless phone that allows you to upload and download schedule, contact, and note data. Keeping this data on a portable PC may be a better choice than taking your wireless cell phone because the service might not be supported or you might have to reprogram your phone to work with the changed location. I was happy to see that Peru offered rental of wireless telephones at the airport-such a choice may offer the flexibility you need.

Computers May Be A Difficult Decision on International Travel Trips

Because power converters may not work well enough to protect your valuable information and computer, you might prefer to take a smaller, less expensive computer with you on your international travel. Extra batteries might help.