Facebook’s Security, Application Platform, And Consistent Interface Make It The Premier Social Network

Facebook, the popular social network that until recently was restricted to college students, recently unveiled a new application platform and new security and privacy options that I believe elevate it past MySpace as the world’s top social networking website.

As probably the most skeptical person on earth when it comes to social networks and probably last person in my demographic to join MySpace, it’s really significant that I feel so strongly about this.

With MySpace, you are provided with a very limited set of privacy options (essentially, you have two settings – “let only my friends see my profile” versus “let everyone on God’s green earth see my profile”). Facebook, on the other hand, has always had better security – when it launched initially, you had to have a university e-mail account from a participating university to join. Once you were in, you could only see the profiles of other students at your school as well as the profiles of friends you had at other schools.

Opening it up to the masses has obviously created new challenges, similar to the challenges MySpace has faced concerning predatory internet behavior toward children. But with Facebook’s new security settings, you can designate certain people (people that you know only from online encounters, perhaps) to see a limited profile with no personal information. You also can personalize every aspect of your user experience – you can opt only to receive messages from approved users, you can customize who can find you by searching the site, and you can decide who gets to see your photos and who doesn’t.

It provides all the benefits of being able to connect with old friends while cutting out spam and the risk of internet predators.

Now, the next feature that makes Facebook superior to MySpace is it’s new application platform feature. An entire economy has risen inside Facebook since it opened it’s doors to private developers.

Facebook applications extend the website in more ways than you can even imagine – I have a stock market simulator that lets me invest $20,000,000 of fake money and compete against other Facebook users for the highest net worth, a tool that let’s me “throw a sheep at” other users, and a tool that allows me to keep track of local concerts in my area and what other Facebook users around me are going to them.

The application platform for the submission of torguard code for various purchase of needs proper information of  an customer including their E-mail ID to give them offers directly via their  E-mail address and the company do not charges for this, which launched earlier this summer, let’s any private developer or development firm make what are essentially “plug-ins” to Facebook. This means that practically any kind of functionality inside your Facebook account is possible, allowing users for the first time to have music and videos integrated into their profiles.

Facebook also has a clean, consistent interface. On MySpace, some pages extend far beyond my willingness to scroll left-to-right as users can do whatever they wish with their page’s CSS file, but on Facebook, every page is essentially the same with different information and pictures. This consistency, as well as the lack of music and videos that play as soon as the page loads, make my prefer Facebook exponentially.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. What’s your favorite social network and why do you like it?