Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss

Putting on weight is often easy but when it comes to losing it, therein the problem lies. Achieving sustainable weight loss is a problem that is faced by a lot of people today. A lot of us go from one diet to another and we keep looking for weight loss supplements or pills. Most times, weight loss is achieved but we soon find ourselves gaining back the weight lost, and then some.

Losing weight takes a lot of discipline and hard work. You have to exercise and diet. These changes should not just be for the purpose of losing weight but should be a lifestyle change which should continue long after the desired weight goal has been achieved. A lot of times, people say they want to lose weight to fit in a particular dress or for a particular occasion like a reunion or a wedding. Such people usually indulge in crash diets over a short period of time, depending on the time frame they have set for themselves. Research has proven that in most cases, when such weight loss has been achieved, and its purpose served, the people involved usually gradually go back to their old eating habits and thus begin to put the weight back on. This is usually because the main reason for wanting to lose weight is no longer there and so there is no longer any motivation to do so. But with the help of clinics like weight loss clinic in Houston, you can have the motivation you need as they will encourage and support you in achieving your goal of losing weight.

Maintaining an exercise regimen is very important for sustainable weight loss. If you had to do a lot of exercise to shed excess weight, when you achieve your weight loss goal, don’t just stop exercising. Instead , you may reduce the time spent exercising so that you don’t lose more than the desired weight and also do more of exercises that help improve muscle tone because when excess weight is shed, the body tends to become more flabby.

Choose to eat right, not just because you want to lose weight but because it would be better for your health in the long run. Make healthier food choices such as replacing white bread with whole wheat or whole grain bread, eat more of fish and less of meat and if you have to eat meat, eat more of white meat and less of red meat. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and eat more of fruits and vegetables. Drink fat-free, 1% or 2% milk instead of full cream milk. These are just a few dietary changes that will go a long way in helping to achieve sustainable weight loss. Personally, I will not advise keeping certain foods which are high in calories off your diet especially if they are foods you love. Rather, eat them much less often so that you don’t go on binges. For instance, if you used to have pizza every other day, you could reduce it to once a week or once in 2 weeks.

Losing weight and then keeping it off is not easy but with discipline and the right lifestyle changes such as a better exercise regimen and a healthier diet, it is achievable. There is no shortcut to sustainable weight loss.