The Hardest RPG of This Decade

In the last decade, hundreds of video games have been released under the RPG genre. I honestly envy anyone who’s played at least half of them. There’s just so many to choose from, and simply choosing one isn’t enough. RPG games are sort of like shoes, there are so many of them, but only a certain type is “fitting” for each individual. One does not simply, like them all. Many people play RPGs for a gripping and in depth story, others play it for the thrill of skill progression. Yet others play for the long and challenging game play that many RPGs tend to have. For those of us that play for the challenge… Which RPG is the most challenging?

Well that depends what you mean by challenging? Which has the hardest game play? Which has the most challenging bosses to be specific? How about which has the hardest story to comprehend? Or which one has the hardest progression mechanism? For time purposes I’ll limit this article to which RPGs have the hardest game play.

So which game does have the hardest game play? According to many review sites such as Games Weasel, G4, and just personal appeals from the internet. The Monster Hunter Games on the PSP seem to be the popular choice. I’ve played most of them on the original PSP and I can see why many people feel this way. Monster hunter puts you in the boots of a hunter who has to hunt for their own living. Your options for hunting are separated into two sections, ranged and close quarters. There are quite a few close quarter weapons, everything hunting knives to war hammers! In the case of ranged weaponry, you have the choice of either a heavy gun or a lighter one and many types of ammo. Right now this game sounds really cool because your not hunting deer, your hunting Velociraptors and dragons! It all sounds good until you actually go hunting… Playing this game, I feel like the developers decided to make fun of any of my attempts to complete quests after a while. The enemies you fight are extremely over powered and adapted, they are relentless! Winning is still very possible, you just have to know the enemy behavior and how to use your selected weapon correctly as this is NOT a turn based game. The live action enables either you or your foes to stride their attacks without letting the enemies defend properly. But that’s not what makes this game so challenging. Its the sheer number of foes that you are supposed to fight at once. Because your rarely fighting one creature at a time you end up having to multitask with whatever weapon your using, and THAT is the true challenge. If your not good at multitasking within games then your not going to be good at this game.

The bosses in the game are also top notch, they all have different behaviors and (for the most part) aren’t just bigger versions of what you’ve been fighting on a regular basis. And you can’t just fight them head on, you have to have a strategy! Personally I use traps combined with special ammo to bring them down. Luring them into said traps however, isn’t an easy thing to do. Some times they catch you in the process of setting traps and attack you before your ready, so stealth is also also a factor while playing this game. Patients is as well. When your injured on the field, something you may have to do is eat to regain health, and raw meat isn’t going to cut it this time. You’ll need to hunt and cook your food on the field if you want to be successful.

Another factor that makes this game what it is, is gathering and combining. As you play the game you will find or be reward with various items that at first glance, have no use. You might be inclined to throw them out or sell them however when combined with other items they can create life saving resources that will save your life! The hard part about this is that there is no real guide telling you what two things will create what you need. So your lead by instinct on this one. Gathering missions are really what make you learn the terrain of the wilds that you have to explore, and they can take you to some really crazy places within the maps, and show you where you can find some useful resources to use on other missions, but even the gathering missions are difficult. These quests basically drop you in the wild and make you explore the map until you fin what you need, in the process you run into some mean creatures that you have the option of fighting or fleeing from.

Monster Hunter is EXTREMELY long for a mobile game, even longer than Crisis Core, and will take you quite some time to beat if you do decide to pick it up. I’ve played most of the PSP versions and have only beaten one (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite), and that took me an entire summer and then some. After I beat this game every other RPG I’ve played since feels really easy and somewhat short. I feel as if they hand me everything I need to win from the start, unlike in Monster Hunter where you have to earn your victory the hard way!

In conclusion, be it game weasel or monster hunter, RPG is a genre that I would always come back to after trying out various others due to it providing so much variety and a never ending dose of entertainment, without being monotonous even after repeated playing it time and time again. I judge any game based on its duration and more the number of levels, the more thrilling I find them and it goes without saying that even situs online judi terbaik cannot make up for the roll playing games, not for me atleast.