All the Boys Love Mandy Lane…And You Will Too!

I first stumbled across this gem of a film about a year ago at friend of mine’s house. I had never heard of Amber Heard before viewing this and since this films release she has become quite the rising star. It features a great cast looking and talented cast along with Heard such as Whitney Able, Anson Mount, Michael Welch amp; Luke Grimes just to name a few. My brief and “Spoiler Free” preview/review is below…

The plot of the movie seems typical at first, the “good girl” Mandy Lane is loved by all. The boys want her and all the girls want to be her, she’s seems out of reach to most mere mortals in the high school scene. She’s very popular, athletic, beautiful and is very likable to all who know her. She doesn’t really seem to have a cliq, but floats along effortlessly, getting along with everyone. There is an incident early in the film that puts up a divide between her and her best friend, after the incident she seems to loosen up a bit. The guys that want to get to “know her better” finally convince her to come to a party at one of their ranch houses while the parents are away. Reluctantly she goes, there are hook-ups, drinking, drugs and the normal stuff, but as the party gets started … so does the killing. Who’s the murderer? What’s their motive ? Will anyone make it out alive? These were all questions that honestly kept me guessing untill the end. There are twists and turns so don’t think you have it figured out because you probably don’t, just sit back and enjoy the ride. I normally would go a bit more in-depth with the review, but I really enjoyed the film and it kept me on my toes so I don’t want to give anything away.

This film is one that I have watched again and again and never get bored of it. In fact, I got to learn about new and interesting facets each time I have viewed it on cyberflix apk. The industry today has become bereft of box office hits due to lack of storyline creativity and actors are more of stars, just ‘superheroes’ out to save the day rather than having any acting chops. But this venture is a masterpiece and everyone has done a wonderful job.

The movie was very well written and directed amp; the cast was very easy to get attached too. The “high schoolers ” all seem very realistic to me in this film, they party scenes were dead on. There’s a good amount of violence amp; gore, sex amp; drug use. In that way it’s typical of your old slasher flick with all of the standard elements involved, for me that was where the comparisons ended though. It was shot very well and the soundtrack was outstanding! If there is one gripe I have about the movie it’s that didn’t release a soundtrack, I really loved the music throughout and it helped set the tone of the movie. Even the ending credits amp; music were perfect and a bit haunting in my opinion.

I’m sure we’ll see more of these actors and actress’s in the future, they all really did a great job in this film. The director Jonathan Levine reportedly made this for around $750,000 and it had better scares and productions that a lot of horror films that cost three times the amount. He has already had a few more great movies since this little gem, be sure to look for him in the future.

Overall this is a great little horror flick that didn’t get the wide release it deserved amp; I’m not really sure why. I would give it an 8 out of 10 and if you like the horror genre, hot girls and good old-fashioned slasher flicks be sure to check this out. The title of the movie really sums it up, All the Boys love Mandy Lane and you will too…