Xenical: The medicine for the health cautious people

Xenical is also commonly known as Orlistat. It is a drug which helps to reduce weight or helps in gaining the weight again after weight loss. The medicine is recommended with proper calories conscious diet for the adults to stay fit and healthy. It restricts some of the fats that we eat from being absorbed by our body, which leads to obesity. 


Xenical should be taken under medical supervision or only when needed as prescribed by the doctor. The dose of the medicine varies from person to person depending upon the body fat. As far as the standard dose, it should be taken is one capsule of 120 mg three times every day before or after the meal. If you are taking a fat-free diet, then you can skip the dose. In addition to medicine, the patient should take balanced and reduced calories diet (containing 30% of calories) to get the desired result. 

Benefits of taking Xenical

It helps to reduce weight if taken with a reduced and healthy diet. It can also be taken to maintain the weight after the weight loss. Used as the treatment for the people who have a problem of obesity or body mass which measure more than 30kg/m2. Xenical also helps reduce the chance of risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol as it helps to maintain the fat level, which leads to such diseases. 

Things to remember

Xenical should not be taken if you are suffering from gallbladder problems. Pregnant women should not take this medicine. This medicine should not be taken if you are not overweight or have gone through some organ transplant to avoid any risk of transplant rejection.  Before taking the course of the medicine, one should tell their doctor about, if one have or had kidney stone problem, liver disease, eating disorder and work on the advice of the doctor as it has side effects too.