Exercises that Help Any Athlete in Any Sport

High School athletes would kill for the chance to be recruited by a college. What could be better than starting for the Gators on the basketball court or throwing the football for Oklahoma? Although very few actually achieve these feats, the journey makes the memories. You can be sure of one thing, however: Those athletes earned the prestigious positions through proper training.

Every sport varies greatly. A 300-pound football lineman is going to move differently than a 100-pound gymnast. Each sport requires the body to perform different athletic feats. However, there are a few basic exercises that will benefit any athlete in every sport. Faithfully following these basic exercises will help an athlete achieve success.


Ploymetrics help the body move more quickly. Plyometrics include running through ladders and jumping boxes. These exercises promote quicker feet movement and stronger core muscles. Improving balance and utilizing the power in your muscles, ploymetrics will benefit any athlete, but they particularly help football players. Football players that run the ladders and jump boxes are able to block opposing players and break through tackles more efficiently. Wrestler’s, too, benefit greatly from these series of exercises. Basically, any contact sport athlete will definitely want to look into a plyometric regimen.


Squats work the entire body, not just the legs. Although the quads and hamstrings are the primary target muscles of the squats, your core, lower legs, and back muscles all develop from the lift. Squatting helps the body gain overall strength, aids in balance, and, like plyometrics, helps the body move quickly. *Bench Press The bench press strengthens the upper body. Particularly working the chest around your core area, the bench press will help you throw farther, hit harder, and make you look better. Upper body development is the key.

*Power Cleans

The power clean creates explosive power in your muscles. Power cleans, one of the most difficult weight room lifts, helps your body start up more quickly. Being able to go from a dead stop to full throttle will help an athlete get to the ball quicker, make the dive, or aid any other situation you find yourself suddenly needing to move to make the play. Besides, I found that successfully performing a power clean helped me gain self-confidence, as well.

*Core workouts

Core workouts strengthen the abdomen. Its been said that an athlete can have the best lower body and upper body strength and athletic prowess, but if your core is weak, your strength won’t do you one bit of good. The core connects the two halves of your body, allowing them to work together to perform at peak performance. Very beneficial for gymnasts and wrestlers. Core workouts involve more than just crunches and sit-ups, too. Doing simple crunches will help strengthen your core, but they by no means work the entire core.


Sprints and long distance runs will help your heart and cardiovascular system. Sprints promote anaerobic development, or the ability for your muscles to perform without oxygen. A good anaerobic system will allow your body to exert with high intensity for longer periods of time. Aerobic exercise improves your aerobic ability. A good aerobic base will help your body perform for longer periods of time. Very beneficial for sports that involve long periods with few breaks such as hockey, basketball, and soccer.

Live the dream! Although competition is stiff, you’ll never achieve your athletic goals if you don’t even try. Perform these exercises, and you’ll find your stats improving. It may simply mean you get more time on the field, or it may be the difference between playing for some local college and playing for the Longhorns. On an ending note, make sure these exercises are performed properly, particularly with squats and power cleans. Improperly performing exercises can quickly lead to injury. Have a qualified coach, trainer, or experienced athlete show you how, and you will safely be on your way to greater success. If you are looking for a specific program, I recommend Bigger Faster Stronger.

The aforementioned exercises are just a handful of them as they are too many to be covered up in one article and time is extremely limited. Treat your ground of practice as a place of worship and exercise caution to avoid any mishap as the field is more like 안전토토사이트 when engaging in such sessions.