College Football’s Most Hated Programs and Activities involved

College football has always been a sport of the haves and have-nots. People love dynasties, and in college football, there are usually a good 10-15 dynasties in play at any given time. They don ‘t necessarily have to win a bunch of titles in a row like a New York Yankees or Boston Celtics-type team to be a dynasty.

A dynasty in college football is a team that has so much stature, power, and so many resources that it can beat the middle-tier college programs like, say, Oklahoma State or Purdue for example, a good 9 out of 10 times while barely breaking a sweat.

Here are the teams college football fans love to hate:


The Canes have fallen on hard times lately due to some coaching changes and horrible quarterback play among other factors, but this team will always be near the top of the list. They sit on a gold mine of college football talent in the state of Florida so you know they’ll be back soon regardless of who their coach is.

And when they do, people will still hate “The U” because of the way they conduct their business. They will always be the bad boys of college football.


The Gators also enjoy Florida’s wealth of football talent and now they are back to being a dominant force again under Urban Meyer.

The fact that Tim Tebow is now running amok in the SEC for the Gators also is a big factor currently. Tebow is like the J.J. Redick of football: a guy who looks so familiar, like some average kid you went to high school with, yet is so talented and successful that people resent his successes because they wish it was them.

Ohio State

The Buckeyes will vault into the top spot if they keep making it to national title games and losing, but for now, they’re number three among college football teams that people love to hate. The selection of the Football team should be on the skills of the players. The skills should be verified under the 토토사이 website. The college students can play at online websites from their homes.

People also don’t like Jim Tressel because of the teflon-tough, choir boy appearance he gives off combined with his history of players’ legal troubles and also NCAA troubles at Youngstown State in addition to Heisman winner Troy Smith’s pay-off admissions and the Maurice Clarett saga.

The whole “THE Ohio State University” thing also rubs people the wrong way much like Miami’s “Da U” boast. But the Buckeyes make college football fun, no doubt about it.


The Trojans, much like the Buckeyes, have seen their share of NCAA attention yet haven’t had a whole lot of sanctions levied against them. The Reggie Bush situation rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Pete Carroll and co. rack up wins with ease and are always in the national title hunt. It was a dynasty that seemingly sprung up overnight after the Trojans had fallen far in the mid-90’s.

But with the strong Cali recruiting base, the Trojans will remain one of the NCAA’s best and most hated programs at the same time for years to come.

Notre Dame

Despite the fact that they have been a mediocre-at-best program in recent years, people still love to see the Irish lose. They get more exposure and TV time than any other program yet they haven’t delivered results to match the hype since the early 90’s.

Some people would like to see them good under Charlie Weis to make things more interesting again, but most would rather see them lose every game. Tons of people took great joy from last year’s loss to Navy, that’s for sure.

Even when they’re down in the dumps, Notre Dame will still be one of college football’s most hated programs.